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  1. I have been considering printing a flash book sometime in the future. Thought maybe somebody here might know of a company that provides good quality and prices on for a spiral bound book. I've done some research on my own but I figured I'd ask here before I decided. If you've made one, know of a company or even just have advice on the topic I'd appreciate the info. Looking to make it approx 30 pages front and back (black and white), with only the cover in color and maybe a clear sheet over the cover. Trying to keep cost low so I could keep the sale price low. I plan on donating 50+% of the profits to CHOC Hospital in Orange CA. Also planning on having a page asking that if somebody tattoos a piece out of it that they'll donate a % of their profit to the hospital or any charity. On that page I will also ask them to credit the original artist in hopes to get better artists than me to donate a drawing in exchange for the advertisement the book will provide. Like I said probably only going to be 30 pages and I have a couple people interested so there's not much room. If you're interested in having something (big or small) in it though Id be glad to hear from you. You can check out some of the drawings ill be putting in it on my IG "j3rkbag". Thanks everyone
  2. I also wasn't able to make it. Looked like an amazing event though. Many of the artists were posting pics on IG but this is my favorite one. Ben Grillo tattooing Chuey Quintinar while Robert Atkinson, Dan Dringenberg, Tim Heldricks and JoJo Ackerman watch. Dang
  3. Side of the thigh isn't very bad. It hurts don't get me wrong but with some music and comfortable positioning you can deal fair enough. Whenever the piece crept towards the top of the thigh tho, oh my Buddha. Lining and shading it was no joke. Even worse than the foot. But..... I haven't done the knee or shin yet haha so I imagine those are worse. GL
  4. Louise is Hanky Pankys wife. She is currently fighting cancer. Hanky Panky is the founder of the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum (Tattican). That's how the entire thing came about. Looks to me like some of the money goes to Louise to support her fight and some goes to the foundation. I could be wrong
  5. Starts tonight. Its going to be sick. Anyone going?
  6. Thanks so much. I was the same way about the color. Told my mentor I want it dark with some red. Let him do his thing and I couldn't be happier with the result On another note I'm only online with my phone so I couldn't really tell but is my pic bad quality? Took it with my iPhone but ill try to get a better one if so. Thanks
  7. That is by GoonyToons (Instagram) He has the best Star Wars Flash I've ever seen. Amazing tattoo artist overall
  8. Cali Irons makes a travel armrest. I don't know their website or anything but they do have a Facebook. They're based out of Riverside CA. I think it's basically a one man company thing. He's a really good guy that makes great handmade armrests. Donated an armrest to the Save the ATM event at Under the Gun a month or so ago. Only thing is you need to pack a wrench. Look them up - - - Updated - - - This looks like a basic setup but the ones I've seen are more tricked out. Alligator, pin striping, fancy handles and such. I'm planning on picking up one of his shop armrests soon
  9. Love all the work Here's my thigh piece. Done by my friend and mentor Angel Villanueva (Dringenberg & Co/ LA InkSpot). Hope I'm doing this right...
  10. I like the small gaps. Looks like a sign or the bottom of a skateboard with a bunch of stickers on it. The gaps kinda give each piece a frame kinda feel too
  11. I have whale with a heart coming out of its blow hole. We all have our reasons for what we get. Fuck what everybody else thinks
  12. Great great guy. So much respect for him and his story
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