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  1. I tattooed my foot four days ago, it still looks inflated. And it hurts like hell every time I crawl down from the sofa, but only for the first few minutes when the blood rushes through it.
  2. Thank you, warming words in the dark and cold winter here in Stockholm! I'm tattooing my right foot on saturday, I'll make sure to post an update asap.
  3. I sometimes watch that shit, and I'm ashamed of it. Here are some of the things from Ink Master that make me cringe: "human canvas", "the judges have decided", "...but that's not it" (in the voice of Dave Navarro), "human canvas jury", Dave Navarro, NFL stars with no knowledge of tattoo culture, random morons with no knowledge of tattoo culture, the fact that there are two people judging that actually has vast knowledge of tattoo culture and yet choose to participate in the freak show known as ink master, etc etc. I know, I shouldn't be watching it if I loathe it so much, but I can't help myse
  4. My right leg is starting to look like something, with two semi-big tattoos by Rudy Fritsch and Iain Mullen. Now let's pray to the internet gods I will manage to post the two pictures I want this time... edit: the juzu around my ankle by Bunshin Horimatsu too! #tebori
  5. file:///.file/id=6571367.9108508 file:///.file/id=6571367.9108467 This is the best I can do right now, both upper arms by Horimatsu from Osaka, done at Stockholm Classic Tattoo (except for the lines on the left arm, they were done at Tatuata in Helsinki). The left arm is not finished. I actually tried to post two different photos but I'm too stupid to manage that task...
  6. @Cork HorimAtsu, not Horimitsu;) I'll post a photo tonight when I get back home from work.
  7. If someone is interested in some powerful bold irezumi, lines made with machine and all shading with tebori, I can warmly recommend Horimatsu (@bunshin_horimatsu on instagram). He travels a lot, especially in Europe. My first experience of getting tebori done was a juzu bead around my ankle, by said Horimatsu, and it pretty much felt the same as a machine tattoo feels. Then a few months after that he visited Stockholm again and did a half sleeve on me, with some cover ups in it, in five consecutive days . He did all lines and also background (because of the cover up situation...) with machin
  8. here are some of my tattoos rufio - - - Updated - - - The ones visible here are done by Bunshin Horimatsu, Jondix, Jonas Pedersen, Iain Mullen, Cheyenne Sawyer, Matti Sedholm, Alex Reinke Horikitsune
  9. Went to a super posh spa with a friend, his sister works there, didn't have to pay anything, even for the champagne. I needed that, my new workplace is kinda shitty...
  10. Solar plexus by Alex Reinke was a horrible experience, but the tattoo was worth it.
  11. smulmaskinen


    First post, I come from Stockholm, I like tattoos and I find it quite difficult to navigate in this forum:) Ex lurker, never took the time to register an account until now. Closer to 40 than 30, first tattoo I got was in 97. Got it covered last year. Peace!
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