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  1. see you in richmond Jen. looks like eric is gonna work this year too.
  2. get tattooed by richard stell, he's opening a new shop in oklahomo as we speak.
  3. Tommy Napp passed away not to long ago and Jerry is retired. Get tattooed by Topper.
  4. cocaine addiction is rough. i spent 2 solid years using on a daily basis along with other drugs, but the cocaine was always in me. rehab for me was a must and AA meetings daily since. a complete life change was the only way and it has still been very hard. give her a few ultimatums and offer your help (rehab/AA/NA). but allowing her to stay in your house is only hurting her. its enabling her. she will not quit until SHE is ready. no matter what you do.
  5. then you have no business tattooing anyone. problem solved. cupcakes seem to be the big rage now (tattoo popularity is on the outs) so why don't you teach yourself how to bake? check out youtube and other websites and you can learn it easy.
  6. the person who apprenticed you should have no problem answering this question. ask him/her. lol.
  7. brian makes a nice machine. get one.
  8. there are a few all around great tattooers, guys that can pull off any style. but when i am asked, two stand out far more than anyone else. Scott Sylvia and Mike Wilson. if you have a tattoos, you need to be tattooed by both of these people. end of story.
  9. playboy in the lobby would be fine in my eyes (although and mags in the lobby isn't my thing), XXX is ok in an employee bathroom or rest/drawing area. anything else is ridiculous. i mean, who needs printed porn with whats on the interwebs??
  10. we miss you too. get settled in tulsa and maybe i can make it out this winter.
  11. i can name a bunch of fancy assholes charging $350 an hour with $1000 minimums. richard gets it in there and don't fuck around. 200 an hour is a steal.
  12. 1. most of the entire world are a bunch of fucking assholes. life experience has proven that to me. 2. i could care less what someone ive never met, never cared to meet, and would never listen to does. to each there own. you want your dick, cool. you don't, cool. 3. i want pics when they are done. i dig it.
  13. there hasn't been a GREAT american convention since the '90's. the old tattoo tours were super fun. the early eddies shows were great (gotta mix in biker drama to make it great). the first few years of billys richmond shows, but since the 90's they have been pretty sad. state of grace is maybe the ONLY exception to this rule. kind of.
  14. fuck, i would take a shitty line on me any day to have witnessed that story and be able to retell it until i'm 85 yrs old.......and you have proof!! you'll never forget that one. LOL.
  15. agrred, yelp can lick by balls. we had a chick actually try to barter a tattoo price with us, told my partner she would "give us a great yelp review" if we came down on the $$. we said no thanks of course. then we saw a day later that she gave us a BAD review and that our prices were too high. we complained to yelp and got no where. if you do good tattoos, people will find you. i can't please everyone so fuck them.
  16. seems like it. i know half of the artists mentioned personally and although they are top notch tattooers in the style of their choice, even they would say they aren't "masters" in every style. my list would be huge if i had thought this was a mention the great tattooers. but i thought it was referring to the most well rounded.
  17. these are the three people i feel have proven they can tattoo almost anything flawlessly, have been tattooing for 20+ years, and still tattoo today....any style. scott sylvia mike wilson chris trevino
  18. my point exactly. if anyone received a half way decent apprenticeship now a days, this would be tattooing 101.
  19. if you cannot make out the tattoo from 10+ feet away with only the black completed, you don't have a tattoo. you have a pile of shit. if you do not use a black outline on 99% of a tattoo, you don't have a tattoo. you have a pile of shit.
  20. i used to have a bunch of those teen angel mags from the '80's. wish i still had them.
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