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    Lewd, tattooed dude. Short, fast, loud describes my favourite music and my personality.
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    Savannah, GA
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    Tattoos, hardcore, punk, metal, grind, painting, medieval sword fighting, camping
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  1. Selling tons of books. These are great for inspiration or reference, some are out of print. Discounts for people that buy multiple books, Message me for details, questions, and prices. Sacred mirrors Alex grey Transfigurations Alex grey Tolerance Chris Mars The magic mirror of m.c. Escher The world of m.c. Escher M.c. Escher 29 master prints H.R. Giger's Necronomicon H.R. Giger's Neceonomicon II Drawings of Mucha 70 works including 9 in full color Spectrum 13 the best in contemporary fantasy art Haunted by Dave fox Organica by Guy Aitchison Immovable Fudo myoo tattoo designs by horitomo The Leu Family's family iron Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash book one Old ghosts a flash collection Spider murph ya tattoo flash book one 1000 oriental tattoo designs Tattoo designs of Japan horiyoshi III Unfinished business jay cavna Less than three Tim pangburn Bullshito legacies of Martin lacasse Sketchbook by stilian Martin lacasse take what you can give nothing back
  2. Selling tons of reference books. Message me for details and prices. Discounts for bulk buyers. Skull reference Celtic art 408 Victorian ornamental designs Celtic and medieval alphabets Heraldry a pictorial archive Tahiti felixs master tattoo acetate vintage collection Tahiti felixs master tattoo acetate vintage collection 2 An instant guide to insects Birding Atlas of human anatomy frank netter Insects of the world Textile designs Natural companions plant combinations Talismans and amulets of the world Gustav klimt 25 master works Maxfield Parrish the landscapes A Dore Gallery Gustave Dore' Baroque and Rococo art and culture KLIMT Gustav Klimt book Michelangelo Egon Schiele galerie arnot Michelangelo the last judgement Francis Bacon The life of Christ in art Art Nouveau painting sculpture jewelry glass architecture The art of the popes from the Vatican collection Northern Renaissance art painting sculpture from 1350 to 1575 Jackson pollock Francis Bacon The angel tree Sidney goodman The cult of the virgin, offerings ornaments and festivals The mushroom hunters field guide
  3. Shit yeah! Now I can't wait to get back to Philly!
  4. I love his work but I unfortunately haven't seen many large scale pieces by him. A bunch of paintings, couple sleeves and lots of one off but nothing like that back piece, holy hell. I'm so bummed he left Philly and went to CA I want another tattoo by him.
  5. This is the first tattoo I saw that made me go "Holy hell I need my torso tattooed right now". It blew my fragile little mind.
  6. This is a great thread, tons of stuff I need to pick up and read. I just finished A Song of Ice and Fire and I'm freaking out the sixth book isn't out yet. So I'm re-reading Lord of the Rings in the meantime. I think when I'm done with that I'll get back into the Dune series or pick up some Gaiman books. I don't read all that much when it comes to literature, I'm usually a magazine person. But one of my all time favourites is the Jungle Book/Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Rudyard Kipling.
  7. I really like just air drying my tattoos. Wash it two or three times a day for the first couple days, then just once a day after that until it heals. I used to use Aquaphor and at one point I really liked Tattoo Goo but the problem I had, and too many other people have, is using too much of the product on accident. Any lotion or cream should be kept to a minimum , just enough to moisten the tattooed area. With that said, I'm not a tattooer just a collector and everyone's body heals a different way. And generally the person making the tattoo for you has the best advice. To answer your question about showin it off just be honest with anyone you might think it will offend. I have a cobra with a burning cross and I also have a bearded devil lady with an upside cross on her forehead. A lot of people will ask to see "That sick cobra" or "The bearded devil bitch" but if I think anyone around us might be offended by it I will try to do it out of eyesight. I live in the south and a lot of people down here don't want to see anti-religious imagery. A favourite trick I use is to text or email them a picture or give them a link to my Facebook so they can view it privately since you're obviously not best friends with all your coworkers. I hope that helps!
  8. I have two Star Wars tattoos. A really crappy Boba Fett near my ankle and this cool jammer. The quality of the tattoo isn't amazing because it was an apprentice tattoo a friend did. I think it was her 5th tattoo ever, so it's not too bad for that. I'm still stoked to have it though!
  9. I've only been painting a few months but here are some recent foxes I did, in two different styles. Both with India Ink and watercolour on Arches paper. - - - Updated - - - And here are a couple paintings I did based on Percy Waters linework from the "Designed By Percy Waters" book from Blue Letter Books.
  10. I don't know if my input is as helpful as you're looking for, but I have my head tattooed and I shave regularly. By regularly I mean every two or three days. I shaved the day I got tattooed just to speed up the process so my artist didn't have to spend time doing it. After that I waited three weeks just to make sure the tattoo was fully healed before shaving again. As for itching I just dealt with it. It was only bad the first four or five days but the itch goes away. And don't worry about the hair growing through the tattoo, that's just normal. Just let your body heal before shaving again. Any tattoo I have that required more than one session needed to be fully healed before moving onto the next session. Shaving or waxing can really affect your new tattoo in a negative way since it's still a fresh, open wound. And I think that might be a reason you suffer so much pain. 11 hours in one sitting is a lot of trauma to the skin. The longest I went on my lower leg(below the knee) was 3 hours and I had similar effects when I stood up or walked around. So I can only imagine how bad it was with a such a large tattoo. I hope everyone's input was helpful! And good luck on your next leg tattoo!!
  11. I have all the parts around my kneecap done, just not the actual cap yet. They really weren't too bad, but I expect the kneecap to be pretty awful. I can't wait to get it done though, one step closer to having my whole leg done. I'm thinking a bat head will fill in the open space really nice.
  12. It's seriously worth it. They have really great prices too for the quality of work they turn out.
  13. Everyone at that shop is great! I love the art on the walls and the atmosphere as well. It sure is. I can't wait to finish it, it's been 2.5 years in the making so far. Also thanks for showing me the art thread omeletta! I'll for sure throw some pictures up there as well! And thanks again for the warm welcome everybody.
  14. For me the worst spots have been the shin and the hips. I'd rather do my head again than my hips. Only time I wanted to cry.
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