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  1. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking. I feel kind of goofy calling since I was just at the shop for my consult today, but I guess I'd better just suck it up and call in the morning anyway.
  2. I have two sessions for my first BIG tattoo booked. My first appointment is this Sunday! However, I was just figuring out my finances and realized I can only afford five hours each session at this point.(I know it's late to just be figuring this out) I'm ok with breaking up the work as long as long as it takes to finish it, but I'm wondering if I should call the shop tomorrow to see how long I'm booked for Sunday. I hate for my artist to lose money if the whole day is blocked off for me. They have a list of people to call in case of no-shows, so they could probably fit somebody in if I was scheduled for most of the day. Or is it a bit late at this point since my appointment is Sunday? I'm just wondering what the artists that post here would prefer if they had a client in this situation?
  3. The last comment is awesome. My children's children will hear about this...
  4. I saw Young Adult and Patton Oswalt was great in it. So was Charlize Theron, in a different way. I wanted to take every object in my purse and throw it at the screen to make her stop talking it was so cringe- worthy and akward.. So if you enjoy that kind of thing, you'll like it.
  5. I usually just nod and say "Cool" or if it's really bad, "ok". When my brother in law got one in a guy's kitchen though, I did offer to take him to get it fixed for his birthday. He said "You don't like it?" "Umm.." I replied "It could be better..."
  6. Wow. I think I watch too much Hoarders because I recognized the therapist immediatly.
  7. This thread reminded me of this:#121 Funny or Ironic Tattoos « Stuff White People Like
  8. That's ridiculous! I mean, some of the drawings were kind of gross but it's not the worst thing I've seen/heard. Obscienity is everywhere, it's just a fact of life. It's not like he was passing this stuff out at a preschool. And that doctor is a scam artist.
  9. I don't really have a problem with people asking me about mine b/c I don't have that many and they're not 'out' all the time. But I do find it annoying when peole find out you are tattooed and say "Oh, my guy could hook you up." I try not to be rude to anyone, but sometimes I'm not sure what their tattoos are supposed to be. I had one girl tell me (I guess she'd been asked a lot) and I still couldn't really see it.
  10. I don't see how anyone could think tattooing would be easy or fun or anything like that. I know when I first started doing hair I was terrified and that's not a permanent thing. Even if their hair breaks off (which I've never done, but I've seen happen) it will grow back eventually. I don't really know anything about tatooing but it seems like it would be nerve wracking when you first start, no matter how well trained you are. Once you've really gotten skilled it would probably be a blast, but right out the gate? Some people are crazy.
  11. That Hope one looks kind of like the tattoo my brother in law got of my nephew's initials, except I think his is worse. Done in some guy's kitchen obviously. I offered to take him to an actual proffessional artist to get it fixed for Christmas and he took me up on it so I'm saving up for that. I don't want my nephew to be embarrased by that thing when he's older.
  12. I just got this about an hour ago at Paris Tattoos by Paris Pierides. The shadowing will look more gray as it heals, he said. Apparantly I was a challenge to tattoo because I was clenching up. I feel like I sat pretty well though, considering what a huge baby I am. It's the first tattoo I've gotten in a visible place. I think it was a good choice.
  13. I've read that the feet are more likely to get infected when they are healing. Is this just because feet are harder to keep clean? Does anyone know someone who's had a problem with it? Just curious.
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