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  1. @Graeme I HAVE NOTHING TO SELL! Me doing a research about tattoo aftercare won't hurt tattoo society, neither this forum. And i can't imagine how it can hurt you? @bongsau : great post! thank you for that! Aftercare products can make a lot of difference in my opinion. You found it yourself after using a product with lanolin. But hey, you found a way of tattoo aftercare that suits you the best and that's really cool! About scent :) ... the scent is important to some people. Specially if they are taking care of their first tattoo. They will always link a scent of a product to that period of their life, when they had their first tattoo done. I bet you still remember the scent of a first pussy you ate :D lol Cheers!
  2. @Graeme: by your posts I assumed you were a moderator here, that's why I asked you. @TrixieFaux, @pidjones: Could you please finish my survey about your tattoo aftercare experiences here: @The Tig: Thank you. The last thing I wanted is to do anything against the rules of LST, that's why I asked first. Looks like I asked the wrong person, that's my mistake. I am not taking it personally though, i respect his opinion. Hope we can all get along with no hard feelings. Best regards!
  3. @Graeme I was trying to be respectful to you and the community, that's why I asked you ,by private message, to let me publish my survey - to make sure if this is even allowed here. I didn't try to be secretive, I only asked you for your permission, before i go public. For my whole adult life I am a big tattoo enthusiast. But it's true, I joined this forum primarily to do a research - NOT a MARKET RESEARCH on an aftercare product me and my team are developing, but about general tattoo aftercare experiences of community, to see if we are on the right path. I am not trying to promote anything, not even discuss about right/wrong way of taking care about your tattoos. We all agree there is not a single answer to this. I am sorry if I offended you in any way. That was not my intention. So, if i understand correctly, you won't let me do my research? Best regards! M.J
  4. Really cool one, agree! - - - Updated - - - I like this photo
  5. Sure! Here's my latest tattoo made by my dear firend here in Slovenia, Dejan. He recently won a "Best of show" on the biggest tattoo show on earth, Las Vegas!!! ;)
  6. I think that's messed up! There's no excuse for this, i think.
  7. Hey tattoo lovers! I am, as all of you, a tattoo enthusiast. But there may be difference between me and you. As dermatologist I am mostly interested in your tattoo aftercare habits. I am not here to discuss the "right or wrong" way of doing it. Obviously there's no one answer to that. I am here to read about your experiences and to gather valuable information. I hope i am on the right place ;) Cheers!