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  1. Thanks everyone for the feedback! I think I'll probably look at getting something up on my shoulder area to maybe cap it off, but I would just get a smaller piece for that. Everyone's responses and support were immensely helpful.
  2. Hey All, New to the thread, but not ink, and was hoping to crowd source some ideas for filler/shading to link two tattoos together on my arm. They are both music lyrics and have definitive meanings outside the original content for me, so I'm not looking to add a bunch of hokie music notes or something in the background. Also, I'm not really concerned with linking the tats as much as I am closing out this section of my arm. I used two different phenomenal artists here in Dallas, TX where I live and I highly value their opinions. That said, I am pretty meticulous about what I want and like to get advice from a multitude of sources and inspirations before I go in and consult. Right now, I'm pretty stumped as to what would work. I do agree that the negative space isn't a negative so to speak and just slathering clouds, dots, stars, etc isn't always the most creative avenue. So, here I am and I'm open to any thoughts that the pro's (both artists and collectors) may have. Photos attached for reference. Thanks All! Ezra