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  1. Clay McCay

    Ink Masters

    A train wreck would be far more interesting, more educational and much more "reality" than "Ink (shudder) Masters" This show is garbage. It's a soap opera where they are using puppets instead of a script. Whatever though, as much as I hate these shows and honestly think they do more harm than good...I can see a silver lining. A very cynical silver lining, but still...a silver lining none the less. That is ,that I am glad it is a bunch of half-wit boneheads. At least this way we don't have people getting TV apprenticeships from good solid tattooist that have spent years perfecting there technique. This way, the cool tat-bro tv-spawned bandwagon gang will just keep chasing there own tail...Not actual good tattooist with ethics and talent getting raped by 'merica who want to exploit the industry for every last drop of edgy-ness it has left. I for one will be glad when the trendy tattoo garbage is done with. Tattooing is not going anywhere,and I am glad, but the whole hot-topic vibe can piss right off.
  2. Clay McCay

    Ink Masters

    oh, big surprises in store people...Jesse Smith me psychic. I know the competition looks tough ( rolls eyes ) ....and I dont even like "new school" but I won't deny talent. This whole thing seems like a rigged competition in order to be a drawn out TV commercial for the 1 dude with true skills. These shows are bad news for ethical tattooist who actually care about the industry. terrible. I can't even express how miserable this whole thing is. If the show was loaded with awesome artist, I would be singing a different tune. But, well, I suppose it is like hoping to see a real life just is not gonna happen. Sorry if I offend anyone, not my intention....getting people to be more critical of bad tattooing and ethical tattooing IS my intention. These shows cheapen the whole thing by putting bone-head hacks on a pedestal and calling them "worlds best"....
  3. Clay McCay

    Old tattoo photos

    I dunno if this belongs here or not...but I it seems like a good fit. It's just a cool old ad I found on the interwebz
  4. Clay McCay

    big skull

  5. Clay McCay

    knife stitched

  6. Clay McCay

    day o death

    Calaveras de azucar
  7. Clay McCay

    Tat Artist Taz says...

    We have found Art School Owl's grumpy cousin...Tat Artist Taz! or make your own!! check out Tat Artist Taz's Blog....Tattooer Taz
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    thanks folx....I suppose I should have had this photo to accompany the words for maximum impact...ah well.
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    :cool: I was going for a grand entrance. anywho, yup, hello.
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    grim candle

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    Graveyard Reaper

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    hand owl
  14. Clay McCay

    Wolf eating the Sun

  15. Clay McCay

    Demon Mudra