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  1. Gotta represent that east coast! Florida here. Oh and welcome.
  2. That last piece that was posted is AAAAAAAAAAMAZING
  3. I realized a lot of what I read in the thread "Tattoo silhouette and negative space" makes sense and now I am rethinking what I want to do.
  4. Ronald


    Damn I love that space theme tattoo. Also welcome.
  5. Ronald

    Hey guys

    Yeah that's pretty amazing. I'm having trouble deciding on a tattoo to begin my arm coverage. Also still can't decide on if I want to begin with my upper arm or go from wrist upward. Oh i'm in Florida too but Jacksonville here.
  6. Ronald

    Hey guys

    Oh cool thanks SStu. Do I need to have a dark color like black to cover them well? I've read about cover ups a bit but nothing real definitive on color.
  7. Ronald

    Hey guys

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys and gals. Any clue why my images won't post? They are crap pictures of my soon to be covered tattoos but I would love to get them posted.
  8. Ronald

    Hey guys

    Hey guys and gals, my name is Ron. I'm a 32 year old massive stroke survivor. It had me in a 3 week coma and then the hospital for 3 months but even though the right half of my body was virtually lost I still kicked it's ass! I had the stroke because I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. I weighed close to 500 lbs when it hit me. I am down to 340 now and still making progress! I have 2 tiny tattoos at the moment of my name in Japanese. They are on the inside of my forearm and first name right arm and last name left. I am ready to get not only a cover up tattoo for each side but sleeves. I'll post some quick shots of what I have now after the introduction portion of this post. I am gonna spend the next few days absorbing any information you guys are willing to share. I am a true tattoo newbie and welcome all input from you vets ;)