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    Public Transport Worker. Love Tattoos, Music and Beer, not always in that order.
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  1. Here comes another of my "Out of the Norm" submissions. This tattoo was done on the 1st September and is still driving me crazy. (My legs heal terribly). As usual, something different to the norm around these parts. Based on the Constructivism propaganda posters designed mainly in the early 20th Century and done by Gray Silva of Rampant Ink Nottingham @ Teesside Charity Tattoo Show, in about 5 hours, at a guess.
  2. Woody in High Wycombe seems recommended by a lot of people on other forums/facebook. Not had any laser so can't offer any personal experience.
  3. That looks bloody horrific. Steer clear please.
  4. I never expected to get a whole lot of likes and that is fine. I signed up here knowing that the Traditional American/Japanese styles were prevalent and I love those styles. I don't wear many of them yet, but I will. Anyway, that Hooper piece is a slam dunk winner for this month :)
  5. This is becoming something of a habit for me to say, but.......... Here is something a bit different to what you regularly see on this site. I know it isn't going to be to everyone's taste, in fact the artist has a bit of a love/hate style. The only tattoo that means something to me as it represents my working life. (most of my tattoos are simply because I like them). The artist is Gray Silva who is based in Nottingham UK. This was my second tattoo, after a crappy Taz that I picked off the wall when I was 16. Took around 50ish hours in sessions between 3-7 hours and around 18 months to
  6. Interesting read. In the UK we have a different attitude to tipping than the US so the gift thing is the way I work. I don't have anything against tipping but I generally feel that artists price themselves at a rate that reflects their time/ability. I find that a piece of artwork or a bottle of (good or unusal) drink that they enjoy will be appreciated more than money as it shows that you have thought about it a little rather than added 20% to the amount you took out of the ATM. All that said, if I was getting tattooed in the US or by an artist based in the States, I would tip, subject to
  7. I would certainly recommend Ben Griffiths who works out of Inkfish Studios in Maidstone, Kent. https://www.facebook.com/bentattooer Instagram Gonna be one to keep an eye out for in the Trad field.
  8. Wow @Graeme that is a stunning piece. Would love something from Hooper, but I fear it will never happen.
  9. Something a bit different to the tattoos you usually see on here. I know you guys love the Traditional stuff, but I like too many different styles to stick to just one :) Tattoo by Remis Cizauskas who works out of Dublin Ireland, but is currently "On The Road" guest spotting and attending conventions worldwide.
  10. This is my baby, with SWMBO hogging the drivers seat (as usual). 1971 1300 Beetle/Bug. Only had her a few months and finances have dictated that not much has been done to tidy her up. We have had something of a heatwave in the UK recently and there have been a succession of burned out VW's being posted on the forum. Because of this, I haven't driven it too much as I am waiting until I have had a chance to get some fuel pipes replaced as the last thing I want is to see it go up in flames.
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome guys and gals. I promise to try and contribute plenty to the forum. In fact it is nice to see a forum that is quite lively. If you are around any other places I usually use the same username, but occasionally go by TDK, if JustDave is taken.
  12. Hi all. Pretty sure you can guess my name, but just in case....... I am Dave, currently in Nottingham UK. Signed up here ages ago, but for some reason never got around to posting. Got my first tattoo over 20 years ago (rubbish), then started getting ink again around 3 - 4 years ago. Have got work from Gray Silva and Rachael Huntington both @ Rampant Ink Nottingham, Yayzus @ Voodoo Boston Lincolnshire, Mark Boyle @ Nothing Sacred tattoo Stockton-on-Tees and my most recent piece by Ben "Mr. Benjamin" Stone @ Lifetime Derby. Always on the lookout for new artists to add to my collection as t
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