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  1. hello from Canada/leg questions

    Last 3 posts where extremely helpful. Thanks guys! My next leg tattoo is going to be about 7-9 hours estimated. Plus I'll be getting the other leg touched up. Since it did scab pretty bad. I hear a different lotion to try each time, and definitely didn't like that one. - - - Updated - - - Since I can't start another thread. Anyone have any tips on showing people your tattoo that might offend someone? Such as one that might have pride colored in it? I always where clothes that let me over all my tattoos. But people that know I'm going to get one done almost always want to see it. I work in a culturally diverse place, and adore my job and the people. But I know some do not accept that lifestyle. Not sure how to play off something like that or politely decline. My tattoo isn't going to be obvious, but the color scheme will be pride colors.
  2. hello from Canada/leg questions

    But would something like Nair before the tattoo help with post tattoo growth?
  3. hello from Canada/leg questions

    Not just the itch, but the fact that new hairs are trying to poke through the scab, feels like this might be a reason it has scanned worse for me on my leg last time. Plus, people always ask to see my tattoo, and having patches of fur tends to take away from the 'look'.
  4. hello from Canada/leg questions

    Hello from Canada, Alberta specifically. I'm not new to tattoos, but I do have a question about leg tattoos. I had my right leg done a little over a year ago (11 hours single session), I of course shaved my legs like normal. But then was puzzled on how to shave them while it was healing. I don't like waxing, or typically use anything like Nair, but would that help with the healing and overall itchy of new hair poking out of the fresh tattoo? Second question. Any tips of the brutal blood rush with leg tattoos? I've got a handful of others that was nothing in comparison to how bad that one hurt. Horrible blood rush pain that lasted for about 3 weeks. Crippling pain. I'm getting my other leg done next month and just trying to prepare a little better for another large leg piece. A bit about me, I'm a big nerd, tons of reptiles. And have a small collection of tattoos, hopefully will have both legs completely filled then work on filling in shoulders and arms.