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  1. Hey brother, You all booked up for Detroit? Might want to get a little collector piece from you.

  2. your private message space is full so i figured id just write you back on here. thanks yeah i was just in a bad spot and some stuff on here i saw set me off but i realized i over reacted. sorry to involve you guys with all that. but thank you :)

  3. Get that shop up and goin brother?

  4. Hey there, you get that email I sent out? Got friends pumped on me possibly coming out that way.

  5. Same to you good sir.

  6. Its all good man. I got respect for anyone who has been tattooing longer than me so that's why I apologized. I blow tons of money on machines and supplies and that thread was just trying to find suggestions on what to try out next pretty much. However, I feel like I have to say that I do bust my ass non stop at what I do... and I am about 75% covered thus far. I put in my time everyday, and I hope I don't get viewed as some kid trying nag everyone for tips because that is not what Im trying to do.

  7. haha that makes sense. duh. thanks. will do.

  8. right on well let me know whats up!

  9. So I was thinking maybe it would be cool if there was a place for tattooers to post their work in the forum and get friendly criticism. I didnt know where else to suggest this... or maybe there is and I just haven't seen it yet.

  10. huge fan bro, come to michigan please.

  11. hey thanks a lot!!!

  12. thanks a lot man! where are you located at?

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