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  6. Doin $50 for this set. $80 for this and the older one together. Hit me up.
  7. im still look for alternatives to the pelican cases. seems like the carry on one is the best bet though.
  8. im going to go see them january 6th! im so fucking pumped!
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    I just realized I havent posted anything in awhile. Soon as this flash set is done I'll be more involved.
  10. Yeah we use them at our shop. We normally only reserve it for favored clients. But if it is a cool piece and there appointment is booked a couple months out we will get them on the list to speed things along.
  11. That was the route I planned on taking. Im only concerned about transporting ink now.
  12. I've always used most of my spare time for work. I like to go out here and there and unwind a bit but mostly I like to sit home and get prepared for work. But I always get frustrated that I never really could catch up to the point where I can work on artwork for myself. Well I started cracking down the past week, drawing for appointments after work, going to bed early and waking up early and using my morning time to actually paint, and it is fucking awesome! I'm not a morning person at all, I'm cranky, normally hungry as hell and feel like crap... but I have been making so much progress I don't even care. I only got a couple people here at home that I can express how pumped on this I am so I figured I'd post something about it here. Who needs sleep? Me... but I can deal with out it for now. Anyone else have a daily ritual they follow like this to accomplish more?
  13. This has played at our shop at least once a day for the past week. Haha. That dude is awesome... but his sweet blue flame club shirt bums me out haha
  14. As far as traveling with tattoos, I toured with my band all over North and South America and all over Europe and never had any problems at all at airports. The only place I had trouble was in Mexico. We pulled up to a military check point and were asked to step out of the van. Because I was sleeved out, the military assumed I was a junkie and moving heroin. The were grabbing my arms searching for track marks and pointing huge guns at me. They also tore our van and trailer apart. It fucking sucked. As far as traveling with gear, Im relieved to hear they don't really give a shit at airports. Im about to start traveling as much as I can and figured it would be too much of a pain in the ass to fly, so I planned on taking trains everywhere. Although its cheaper... id rather take a 5 hour trip flying opposed to a 48 hour train ride.
  15. yeah i get drilled every time because of the seizure of merch. it sucks. should we transfer this discussion to that group you just started?
  16. your private message space is full so i figured id just write you back on here. thanks yeah i was just in a bad spot and some stuff on here i saw set me off but i realized i over reacted. sorry to involve you guys with all that. but thank you :)

  17. very true. if i was coming up into canada i would take a lot of extra precautions. when I was in a band and did a lot of touring in canada i had to go through a lot of that shit with our merch. the border actually seized all our merch and we had to buy it back. ive been turned away as well before. but im not too concerned with the border at the moment. if i was to come up your way id be mailing everything. but most of the traveling im going to be doing is in the states.
  18. So I think I'm in the clear for asking this question... at least I hope since Im not asking for anything application related... but I was wondering what everyone uses to carry their gear in when traveling? I've been looking at the huge pelican cases but wanted to know if there is anything better I should be looking at? Thanks. if somehow i crossed a line with someone by asking this... then sorry.