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  1. i posted better pics of the sheets on my profile.
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    paint 03

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    paint 02

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    paint 09

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    paint 08

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    paint 07

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    paint 06

  8. Thanks to everyone. @Lizzie - nope. I actually work for two great artists but they dont communicate that well. trying to learn stuff from them is like trying to crack a safe.
  9. wow i feel like an asshole after reading this.
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    song lyric tattoos

    i normally dont like doing tattoos with lettering in them for some reason. probably because the main thing i tattoo is lettering. id rather take lyrics and work with the client to come up with an image based on them. I've been itching to get some though lately. haha. i guess my tastes are changing.
  11. So many things about trying to come up in this business are so frustrating. Getting chops up without help or guidance, trying to make connections, trying to build a clientele of some sort. I'm getting so frustrated and feeling like all the hours I put into this are for nothing. I love what I do. I gave up so much for it. But days like today I just want to throw in the fucking towel. I'm only 4 years in... so I can see that I am where I am supposed to be. But fuck, I get so discouraged. Not with my work, but the lack of an outlet to grow except for figuring shit out myself. Maybe I just need to take a step back or something and try to not have it mean so much. Has anyone else been in this position in their career? Am I even making any sense?
  12. Get that shop up and goin brother?

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    snake lady

    this is tight
  14. yeah this season is about to jump off. wait till they finally get to Belfast.
  15. this is shit i was thinking about last night
  16. Hey there, you get that email I sent out? Got friends pumped on me possibly coming out that way.

  17. Same to you good sir.

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    Mine is starting to get real gnarly... be glad you have someone that has to be with you... i cant pick up any chicks with this thing haha
  19. FUCK I hate that shit. I've flat out told people it isn't there tattoo and to please let them (the client) talk for themself.
  20. Yeah I wont be posting any more stuff like this or critique photos.