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  1. Well like i said, its all about growth. If feelings get hurt, but you come out of it with more knowledge then I think it is worth it. Personally, I'm ready for people to tell me what they think I'm doing wrong. Im ready to get educated. It is all part of progress.
  2. yeah for sure i was going to give you a shout actually when i figure out when i could come. i have tons of friends up there so id love to come up... and its really not too far away... just gotta figure out the border stuff... do you know anything about that... like work permits and such?
  3. well id hope it would just be made available for tattooers. mostly posting pictures of tattoos. like Mr. Hambone, I too would like to get feed back from some of the all stars that peruse this site and from any other tattooers as well. It is hard to get honest feedback from co-workers sometimes. It would be nice to get fresh take on stuff I am doing from other artists, and from what knowledge I do have, I'd love to help other tattooers out with my opinions if they want them. Its all about growth to become the best we can be at we do and that takes asking questions and accepting help. The only concern I have with something like this is people getting roasted... which is defiantly needed sometimes... but getting upset. From what I can tell we all get along here and I'm hoping that vibe won't change if something comes into effect. Im hoping for friendly criticism/suggestions. I know sometimes people don't like giving advice as well... which I understand, trying to protect the trade, that is fine. But if that is the case I'd hope they just would stay out of it instead of posting and being rude about it. Thats my thoughts about it...
  4. So I was thinking maybe it would be cool if there was a place for tattooers to post their work or paintings or even rough sketches for upcoming tattoos in a forum thread and get friendly criticism/help/ideas... would others be into this?
  5. haha that makes sense. duh. thanks. will do.

  6. right on well let me know whats up!

  7. So I was thinking maybe it would be cool if there was a place for tattooers to post their work in the forum and get friendly criticism. I didnt know where else to suggest this... or maybe there is and I just haven't seen it yet.

  8. huge fan bro, come to michigan please.

  9. hey thanks a lot!!!

  10. thanks a lot man! where are you located at?

  11. I want Stell to tattoo me so bad. Im jealous.
  12. Chris Boilore Vinnie Rimmer Derek Noble Dan Rick Eric Jenks Sean Peters Greg Drake Mike Adams Jef Wright Jamie Morton Hawk Preston Mashburn Dave Smith Freehand Robert Lorne Morris Levi Hatch A couple more I'm sure.
  13. Hey everyone... so soon I want to start doing guest spots once a month so I can get out and meet new people and learn new things... anyone have any suggestions as to where I should check out? Trying to stick in the US for now. Maybe Ontario and Quebec. Any input would be useful! Thanks! :)
  14. The only thing I could think of while typing the title of that was the dude from the Simpsons.
  15. tattoosbyfox


    Thanks! I try. My buddy has somewhat of a clothing line called Beardcore. Anyone ever heard of that?
  16. I did this set earlier this year. Excuse the obnoxiousness of the add... i wanted it to look ridiculous.