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  1. I know its two words... but since I was a child I've tried to live by something called the "golden rule". which is treat others how you would like to be treated. i know it sounds cheesy but its as real as it gets. i do that, and if the corresponding person is a rude in return, then i write them off. im not religious, i dont think ill be rewarded after death for the things i do in this life... but its just nice to be nice and be a good person. i might think of some shitty things in my head at times, but its good to have manners and respect when dealing with other people and that goes a long way.

  2. I think dry healing the first two days then lotion after works great. I mean, always keep the tattoo clean and your hands clean when you touch it but leave it alone after that. A wound needs to dry out before it can heal, so letting that tattoo dry out for the first two days really helps. Then after that just use a SMALL amount of lotion WHEN NEEDED. Its obviously going to be needed more when getting stretchy spots tattooed like necks and ditches and elbows opposed to places like a forearm or shin. I just tell people to get a clear, non scented anti bacterial liquid hand soap and a hand lotion that is dye free, aloe free, petroleum free and fragrance free. I think a huge problem is that tattooers dont normally mention that only a small amount of whatever they suggest is needed. Then the client thinks that lotion or ointment or whatever is going to heal the tattoo faster if they cake it on. It makes me cringe when I see a tattoo so shinny from whatever they are using on it that i cant even see the tattoo past the light's reflection. So bad for it. It needs oxygen, let it breathe. Also... I know there is a on going debate about this constantly, but wrapping a tattoo the first two nights I find really helps out a lot. I know it creates a shitty environment for the tattoo, but if you wash your hands, then wash the tattoo, then let it air dry, then wrap... you should be good to go. And that wrap creates a sort of green house effect pulling out a lot of discharge and moisture, which allows your tattoo to heal even faster. I know a lot of people would disagree with doing that but it works. I've been doing it for years and I'm clean and not dead.

  3. I think its nice to have a lot of books around of tattoo related artwork just for tips on how to do certain things if you get stuck on something or simply for inspiration. But honestly like Petri said, the best ones arent tattoo related. I try and use photographs a lot. If your doing a tattoo of a flower of some sort, dont look at a tattoo of it or flash... look at an actual photo of that type of flower and draw your interpretation of it. I buy all sorts of book, but most are photography and clipart books. I find myself looking at those more than anything tattoo related. Or the ultimate free reference of all time... google images. But keep in mind how many other tattooers probably use that as well, so try not to jock anyone elses stuff. My advice bottom line... find an actual photo and make it your own.

  4. i normally dont like doing tattoos with lettering in them for some reason. probably because the main thing i tattoo is lettering. id rather take lyrics and work with the client to come up with an image based on them. I've been itching to get some though lately. haha. i guess my tastes are changing.