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  1. I have a book tip for tattoo artists. Up until I became a busy grown-up I was a voracious reader. But as an adult I stopped reading because I get so drawn into my books I don't get anything else done. I used to keep the TV on while I would draw but only crappy tv or boring stuff. Cold Case files was a favorite because it wouldn't distract me and the guy would drone on with the story. I got tired of the mindless TV and had the idea to try listening to audio books. I'm a huge fan now! So far I've listened to War and Peace (64 hours!!!) Moby Dick, The Odessy, In Cold Blood, Wicked, The Jungle...
  2. I just posted my anti-tattoo school idea on my blog Devil City Press Maybe you guys could tell me what you think and even jump in. I don't know Ami but I know there's lots of people out there who do. I think he needs to feel some heat and stand up for what's right. He's cashed in handsomely on tattooing and I feel like he owes a debt to the industry now in it's time of need. He needs to tell TLC that this show is wrong. They don't understand why it's wrong and they're not going to listen to us. Anyone who values tattooing that's getting a paycheck from TLC should be speaking up right now.
  3. People were surprised that we campaigned to be on the show but I would have been proud to have represented NYC on TV. I didn't think they were going to pick us, we're not obnoxious enough, I'm too old and don't dress like a hooker (anymore) hahaha :) I thought it could have been cool if it really represented tattooing in NYC but they don't care about "representing the industry" they script what they think will sell. People already know Ami. Chris is the most stereotypical NY (Jersey Shore) guy they could find and the chics are eye candy. I wrote a review on our blog of the show. Too bad they
  4. If you look in the front of the magazine they reserve the rights on all photos submitted to them. The site is designed to not allow downloading of images. If you don't want an image reproduced you probably should not send it in to a magazine, or post it on Facebook, or your website or anywhere besides your portfolio. That seems like kind of a no brainer. Tattoo life's new site is a great resource and they credit the artists and list their shop and city they tattoo out of. Tattoo Life hosts two of the best run largest attended tattoo conventions in the world (Milan, London) Milan has been going
  5. Hello all, This is Michelle from Daredevil and FunCity Tattoo in NYC. Everyone's riled up over "Tattoo School" I posted my thoughts on our blog www.DevilCityPress.com Then I found the discussion here on LST.
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