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  1. just got this from mark cross at rose. honestly best experience I've ever had. great shop. coolest people. mark was so nice. this family came in because their little kid wanted to see a tattoo shop and mark stopped zapping me for a few minutes to hang with them and put a temporary tattoo on the hand of the little kid. so sick. backtard
  2. perhaps this doesn't belong in this particular thread but this dude has been mentioned so many times i had to share my excitement. visiting friends in san fransisco and look who i run into on the street... stuart cripwells leg guy! http://tinypic.com/m/j62x6e/1
  3. quick question:::: that BHR buffalo i got, i wasn't so much planning on getting it black and grey because i am gonna get color traditional pieces around it. y'all think that it'll look weird with color tattoos around it? i don't want a completely b&g arm (not that i don't love those), and am planning on getting some shit from smith st this winter to surround the buffalo. hopefully I'm sweating for nothing (as usual), i just want a cohesive arm! -- - thanks! ;)
  4. buffalo by bh robinson. good dude~ pic is sideways bc i like to be as horizontal as possible
  5. have an apt. w/ bailey hunter robinson next sat. he's guesting down here at rock of ages in austin... getting one of his trademark buffaloes to start off my right arm. ~2excited~ just need to be sure not to get confused and call him heather bailey (which i've already done in my head a dozen times) :o :cool:
  6. hey guys, first post and this one is important to me! i was hoping to grab some advice. started my sleeve out a few years back with the intention of only having one half sleeve.... yea fucking right: now obviously i want to sleeve up on both arms. but i feel like i have concentrated way too much on that one area, i am bare everywhere else on that arm and totally naked on my right arm. i also feel like i've sort of closed up the left sleeve with those smaller tattoos towards the bottom. do ya'll have any advice for my next piece to make everything breath better? do ya think that arm too cramped or that i can still make it work? i don't wanna be screwed over by poor early tattoo decisions. in terms of the work i still love them all: been tattooed by dobleman, josh stephens and ivan antonyshev. i actually have an apt w paul nobleman in november so id love to get some ideas for an area to balance things out. thanks a ton! :cool: :cool: :cool: @dirbab --- love your arms. would love some words of wisdom.