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    Lover of knowledge, modern traditional tattooist.
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    Dallas Tx.
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    learning, tattooing, painting, working with my hands, collecting tattoos,
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    tattooist/ piercer since 2010

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  1. i hid my tattoos from my dad for 10 years. Cuz after he found out my sister had tattoos he did not talk to her for 4 years. On the way to my sister's funeral I turned to my further and said, "dad I have a lot of tattoos, and I don't want to die hiding anything from you. Or hide who I really am" he said "ok, I'm not a dipshit David, your a tattoo artists I assumed you have been tattooed for years. The end.
  2. You want to mainly be careful of anything robbing your new tattoo. It is a lifetime investment, when you get tattooed.I mean once you leave the shop you are in control of your own healing. But you have to do your part in taking care of your peice as well.
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  8. You have more than enough room to put some more bad ass designs. I would say to ask someone who's work you really respect what they would enjoy filling the space with, and then reach a compromise. You just have to understand what you can get will be dictated by what you already have. So go into it with an open mind.
  9. Hello, First of all,thank you for having me. my name is David. I'm 27 & i am a 5 year tattooer from Dallas Texas. I love bold traditional timeless designs. Something you can see from across the street, and say "daaanngg that's a rad piece". I love talking to almost anyone in the industry. If you listen long enough you can pan through the words for tattoo gold. I honestly wish the entire tattoo community abided by the rules on this site. We work in a house made of each other, don't be the weak foundation. David Nash
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