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  1. Please dont go anywhere...

  2. Considering I quoted YOU then its not directed for anyone else to read ;). See people in this forum are rude dickheads with HUGE EGOS cuz you guys are sooo awesome with all your ELITE pro tattoos lmao. This is a FORUM/ discussion community, and you dont read "long" replies/quotes. Yeahhh your coool. I guarantee you were the UGLY bitch in school that got picked on everyday so you grew up, got tattoos, and now live in the cyber world acting as if your oh so awesome riiighhtt?? LOLLLL when really your just a loser with self esteem so low that you have to make up for it online by acting like a total and complete stuck up bitcchhh.. This forum wont make it very long. Thats why it barely has any members, and the activeness is soooo slowwww. My GAMING forum has more members and activity on it and its only been up for 3 months, bwuahaha. Im gonee. fuck this place, its DEF for the birds... oh and ugly and veryyy lonely chicks hahaa Reply if you wish, but it wont be read... at least not by me anyways ;) peacethefuckkouttthomosss
  3. Nah bro none of this stuff is done on ANYONE, its all mostly FREEHAND really. He took things i LIKED and found on my laptap and drew up SIMILIAR outlines and then put his own touch/work in it. Im not saying anyones work is "better" than anyones or anything like that. I just thought the community here acted/treated me pretty SHITTY/RUDE just because i had a friend do my work, rather than paying a few GRAND, and the ONLY reason some of it looks KIND OF BAD is cuz i LITERALLY been gettin shot on for 3 days STRAIGHT, even by fresh work, which if anyone has even got a piece done. then worked off of it the NEXT DAY then you know what im saying, my arm is SWOLLEN bad, and really red at the moment, but ill do a CLOSEUP of my favorite piece on my arm so you can see the detail in it.. I like EVERYONES style of work here, ive been lookin around this site A LOT since I joined, and there is a TON of AMAZING work, but for what I paid I think I have a pretty nice sleeve in progress here. Im one of those people who HATE color in my tattoos though, i got a LITTLE bit of color YEARSS ago in my rib-cage piece and i didnt like it once the color was added, so since then its been strictly BLACK/GREY only. Also im more of the "shade lover" i get tattoos like I have because I likee/ and im into the whole death/skull/ demon/ghost theme which if you look close you can see a LOT more than just the BIG eye catching pieces. I just got some more fill in done last night and it was hurting so bad next to my fresh work from the day before (a 8-9 hour session I did monday) but it was wayyy too sore so we are holding off now until the end of next week before he touches me again. Ill try to get a digital cam, and whipe off my arm real good so it takes that "wet shine" look/glare off of it so its more clear. I paid 200$ for my half sleeve and I THINK it looks sick so far, i have some tats i got in the joint a while back anyways, so i like the whole "prison style" tatoos/shading.. Anyways thanks for the SOMEWHAT less ruder comments/remarks guys. Ill probably fade off to another forum anyways since this place seems to only welcome people with "professional shop/convention" artwork onlyy. Its been realll. PEACEEE
  4. pics posted in my image gallery.. since everyone seems to think it will suck since it isnt "pro" like everyone else here lol.. SirBlazeAlot's Pictures - Tattoo Gallery @ Last Sparrow Tattoo
  5. bicep/ inside arm
  6. Lol i sent it to you because you said you both "Wanted, and didn't want to see pics of my work" LOL @ you STILL acting like my work is shitty just cuz i didnt pay 3-4,000$ for a half sleeve. People on this site need to REALLYY get over themselves
  7. back arm piece :: http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/7707/backarm1.png
  8. back arm piece for people who are thinkin my work is shit just because some "famous" pro shop/ or convention artist didnt do my work.
  9. Lol he has worked in shops before dude. He got A felony charge and has done most of his work in prison. Try gettin someone to rent a booth to you with a felony charge for murder ? haha taking pics now . Its not garbage work or i wouldnt be getting it, ive known this guy for a long time and he knows his shit man, he just went down the wrong path and cant be "pro" in a shop like others. Dont disrespect and knock someones work without even seeing what they are capable of. I dont like colors so ALL my sleeve so far is black and im putting SOME grey into the shade as a final touch once Its all the way done/ and healed, that will be my last shooting with him when I do that. Havin the GF take the pics, be back soon to post guys. SMH
  10. Well, Its not that I wouldnt LIKE to get some PROFESSIONAL work done in a SHOP, Its just that I dont have LOADS of CASH to pay for the time of a professional shop artist. And FORTUNATELY for ME I know a good friend of mine who has been doing tattoos for a LONG time and gives me AWESOME DEALS!! Ive only paid about 200$ for my LATEST work and its ALMOST an entire HALF sleeve, and from what ive heard and seen that is DAMNN CHEAPP for how much work has been put into my half sleeve already! Anyways, thanks for welcoming me to the site!! Im goin to get my girlfriend from work then Ill be back and Ill put some pics up bro!!
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