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  1. Have you thought about just finding an artist that you love and letting them come up with something for you? It sounds like your pretty open and maybe that would be a great way to get a meaningful piece. Annie
  2. This thread has been very interesting. It makes me wonder if I should bother telling my dad that I have a tattoo. I'm totally independent so I don't feel that he'd have an issue there. He is older though so I know initially he'd have a negative or concerned reaction. However he's also reasonable, totally loves me, knows how hard I work and is very proud of that. Part of me just wants to tell him because he's not only my dad but one of my very best friends. The other part thinks that it's not worth the initial concern that he might have. Just throwing in my personal experience.
  3. Wow! Thank you so much for posting and for your service. It is so great to see. This really made my day.
  4. annamageddon


    I think tattoos with no outline are generally considered to not hold as well as tattoos with a strong outline.
  5. Thank you ToxicBarrels. The more I've been on the forum the more I think I should leave it as is for right now. I am wondering if maybe some white highlights on the especially dark areas would make me feel better but I am also thinking about what my next tattoo should be. Maybe I should just sit on these thoughts for a while. I really appreciate your and everyone's input. It means a lot to me.
  6. I second SStu and want pics!! Also tell us more about the meanings, how you found the artist, etc. Welcome!
  7. Thank you so much for your input! I'm already feeling so much better about the tattoo after the overwhelming support that I've received on this forum. I'm very much looking forward to looking into the artists that you've mentioned. Thank you so much for providing them. I really appreciate it. Thank you again, it really does mean a lot! - - - Updated - - - Thanks David! I think you and the others stating similar opinions are right. I should probably stick put for now or start planning my next tattoo. Thank you so much for your input! It really means a lot. I'm starting to feel a lot better
  8. Farah, I absolutely love the Hamsa hand. It's my favorite I think it could make a totally awesome tattoo!! That's my vote but obviously you have to find your own favorite :) Best of luck and please post what you end up getting! I think you'll end up with an amazing sleeve as you clearly have a great background.
  9. Hi TC! Welcome. What will your first tattoo be?
  10. I like it a lot! Have you thought about doing a Buddha? Are you Indian? Maybe some idea from your childhood would be great to play off of.
  11. It did work! Very cool and a neat concept!
  12. Lol if you make an Imgur account you can do it easily. You'll just upload the photo to Imgur and Imgur provides you with a link that you can share anywhere. It looks like there's also an "insert image" button right above this quick reply section as well (it looks like a little picture). That might work!
  13. Hi Farah! Welcome. What is the theme of your sleeve?
  14. Congrats! Pics would be great :)
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