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  1. bumping this thread to see if anything has changed for US artists crossing the pond. i'm contemplating a show in france this June, but don't want any surprises when i land. any suggestions?
  2. amoxill

    porkchop poster

    classics and new stuff. short run of poster sized prints
  3. i feel ya. we have 8 other shops (!?!) within about a 5 block radius, so we deal with a ridiculous amount of "price shopping." it used to be hard for me to turn that work away, but over time it has become apparent that some people simply do not give a fuck about the quality of the tattoo and just want a bargain. a few learn the lesson, but many never do.
  4. san angelo. worked this show last year and had a blast. our whole crew will be there again this year...
  5. Woof mildly hung over. Bob Seger does strange things to a man.
  6. Kev, although the artist list isn't posted, I think most artists know at this point if they are going. If you have someone in mind it wouldn't necessarily be too early to contact them. You'd be surprised how early some artists book up. I missed the boat on someone I wanted work from @ SFO this weekend; they were booked over a month ago.
  7. hawk pretty much took the words right out of my mouth, but i'd be remiss not to reiterate that my post was never intended as a dig toward any particular body type. i would've posted if it had been a bald skinny chick from Baytown, a hirsute Armenian bodybuilder, or a Hindu dwarf. the salient point being that despite the sanitized and glamorized tattooer-rock star image perpetuated in reality programming, for me the reality of a good bit of this profession is being elbow-deep in some stranger's ass meat while my friends are at the bar. (which, by the way, is fine by me.)
  8. Yeah contrary to popular belief, the cool Grimm and Jensen redraws are the exception rather than the norm. At least that's been my experience thus far.
  9. just another saturday night. my co-worker snapped this candid pic as i was about to start a walk-in. enjoy! (mildly nsfw)
  10. i'm a fellow houstonian...actually born + raised in manvel(!) welcome to LST!
  11. We should do our own version of the "it gets better" PSA for people with crap tattoos.
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