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  1. Hi :) 1. My English is bad. so I ask for forgiveness :) 2. I have a crappy tattoo like Tweety bird from cartoon... please don't say anything about couse I know, than this is the worst decision that I can make :) 3. I want to cover this shit, but i don't know for what... please, help me, I don't want to depend on artist, I wish to have something ready, when I will be visiting him... Best regards, Simon
  2. Happiness from a new T makes as stronger, or sometimes stupid :P so it wil be better to choise a short pause at the gym, than train like a fuckin mr Olympia ;) Ps. Tattoo will be on the abs Pa 2. Sorry for my English, I'm rookie :)
  3. sorry for offtop but i dont want a make mess in topics... Whats is the situation after tattoos? Train at gym or forgive for 3 to 4 weeks?
  4. Great work!! Excellent idea and also a job from Clint!
  5. Definitely in + than ori, but... it could be more better :)
  6. Beauty.. and I was thinking that i have a shit tatt...
  7. irezumi -> Exellent!!! Im loving this!
  8. The same with, i live with parents and my father doesnt know about 2 of them. I my opinion, he think that tattoo is an effect of mental issue.. something like when somebody cut themselves.. and he know better than me, why i did this art
  9. Hello, I'm Simon, 29y old, i live in a small city in Poland, Włocławek. At this moment i have a 5 tattoos, but in simple words.. they looks like shit :) so in near future, i want to upgrade them to something nice and beauty to see :) Ps. Sorry for my English, i' still learning :) Best regards for every fan of tattoos from Poland :)
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