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  1. By Stooks @ Westside Brisbane 2010
  2. Here is a collab painting between the lovely Lina Stigsson and the equally lovely Stooks (manly lovely of course :rolleyes: )
  3. A shark a mate did, personally I think its hilarious :cool:
  4. Duffa

    Cat Pictures

    PLEASE someone make it happen so MsRad can see bucket cat! I'm not technomologically advanced enough to control the interwebs
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    cruel, but funny

    I have to admit I'm now really curious to join... I just don't know how much juggalove reaches Australia... mind you, that does make the trolling possibilities endless... I mean who doesn't like to "chill wit da homiez'. This is gold!! I really should be doing Uni work but, I just can't look away...
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    cruel, but funny

    Dan, I need to know - how far has this experiment gone? What details of these 'juggellettes' can you/wish to divulge?
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    Cat Pictures

    (I also second the comment on the elbow tattoo)
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    cruel, but funny

    This thread + now knowing that there is a site/s dedicated to Juggalove has made my week. Dan I salute you.
  9. I'm not sure about Hiroshima (I'm still yet to go there) but here are some links incase he wants to travel? Some have already been posted but anyway: Osaka: CHOPSTICK TATTOO - top- they have 3 locations all around ameri-murra ThreeTidesTattoo | ƒXƒŠ[ƒ^ƒCƒY ƒ^ƒgƒD[ | ‘åãE“Œ‹ž (they also have a shop in Tokyo) http://www.miyazo.com/ Miyazo, student of Horitsune II does amazing traditional Japanese Kyoto: CATCLAW TATTOO ? TOP (my personal favorite, the crew here are awesome and can do great traditional Japanese and American) Nagoya: SABADO THE MONSTER INDEX really dig Sabados' work, but its not for everybody GENKO TATTOO Genko used to work with Sabado Yokohama: http://www.yellowblaze.net/ Shige is amazing! Hope this helps. Any idea what style he's looking at getting?
  10. The first is easily one of my favorites also, I think its the eyes... although everything about it is perfect Jade, me thinks you and the wifey may have to make a trip to The Dam! ;)
  11. For myself personally, the lower arms have always been a breeze no matter what. Its as if I almost glide into the studio looking forward to those sittings! Outer arm and top of my shoulder where also relatively easy... Someone once told me that the elbow was really really painful (just incase - really), and so before we started the session that would hit that area I asked my mate who was tattooing me what he thought. He said "it doesn't hurt... it just feels wrong". So an hour or so into it, he's moved my arm into position and I knew what was coming, or at least thought I did... I looked up at him, didn't need to say a word (the weird look on my face would have said much more than words could have) he looked at me and just said "told you". It didn't hurt, it just felt wrong... Oh and my calf was a breeze, BUT the friend who did that piece has one of the lightest touches I've ever come across
  12. Lina Stigsson from Admiraal Tattoo Amsterdam does gorgeous work
  13. This year the crew that have been putting on The Sydney Tattoo Expo, will be hosting the first Melbourne Expo @ The Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Dates are: Fri 16th - Sun 18th of September. (Will post ticket prices once I can find them!) Artists Attending Include: - Horihige (Jap) - Horikomo (Jap) - Adam Kitamoto (Aus) - Ash Gravino (Aus) - Ben Rourke (Aus) - Dan Bursell (Aus) And many more ;) There will also be: vendors, entertainment, an art fusion project, pin up pageants and tattoo contests. All info here: Expo Info - Tattoo Expo
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    Thanks people! @ Gouge - Cheers! Very aware of Trevors' work, the guy is crazy good and its a goal to get something from him sooner rather than later @ Lochlan - thanks mate and cheers for what you do for the forum! @ Bigjoe - Brisbane is about 2 1/2 hours by plane which isn't that far, but it doesn't make it easier either haha. I have a 3/4 sleeve done by my homie Stooks while he was @ Westside Tattoo in Brisbane (Amazing shop!). Doing Stuff here is a link to said sleeve and his Tumblr. I've also had work done by my good friend Luke Muller @ True Love Tattoo (Brisbane - Also amazing) and have just started my other sleeve with Horinao @ The Cat Claw Tattoo-z in Kyoto. Will be back there end of August and I am itching to say the least! haha
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    Hi everyone, I'm Micheal from Brisbane, Australia. Came across the forum today, did some lurking, read some great threads and thought "this is the place for me". I'm a collector of mostly Japanese style work, but still have a party leg for everything/anything else that may come up ;) Cheers to the moderators and crew who put this forum together and I look forward to all the shits and giggles to come!
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    Hannya 2

    Hannya from Horinao @ Cat Claw Kyoto
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    Hannya 1

    Hannya from Horinao @ Cat Claw Kyoto