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  1. Cleared homie ;) I'm at work and my phone was going off haha. I shall reply ASAP my good man
  2. @asradin doing it right in a big way! Nicely done dude
  3. I'm pretty sure your good to go
  4. With all these crazy good tattoos getting done recently, you'd think there would be a few more entrants in this months comp... just sayin' ;)
  5. And the progress being made is ridiculous! 7 hour sessions, man I only hope I can come close to that when I start. @WeRnDoG what's your secret besides obviously being one tough mudda? (if there is a secret lol)
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That sucks dude, sorry to hear. next time your just going to have to go in the day before, set up a little camp fire and roast marshmallows till the morning ;)
  7. If memory serves correct it is Genko - - - Updated - - - @Reyeslv soooooooooo... wheres the photos? Don't leave a brother hanging! (and no doubt the rest of the forum)
  8. I was just wondering where you got to homie. All good though, I now know you where just waiting to finish an awesome tattoo ;)
  9. @Reyeslv and @ironchef - Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... thats all I have to say at this point in time as I can no longer string together a coherent sentence after witnessing the awesomeness of your backs. 3 Months and counting to start mine.
  10. Duffa

    Quit Smoking

    Well done @slayer9019 and good luck. I gave up cold turkey in 2010 during an album release/campaign. Our publicist had just given up (3 days in) and I remember asking him "Your doing publicity for X amount of albums at the moment, and your giving up now? Shouldn't you wait for a better/less stressful time?" And he just said "There's never going to be a better time, If I use that excuse I'll always just put it off" and I knew he was right, so I just stopped too. I found it was usually the "3" mark that would make me falter - 3 days, 3 weeks and then strangely enough around the 3 month mark I had the craving. I will admit though, that when I'm in Japan getting tattooed I do have the occasional cigarette during breaks. I'm not sure why, but I think it's more of a social thing and it gives me a chance to hang out with the guys and get to know them a little better. Get back home and it doesn't phase me, no wants or needs for a cigarette so I'm ok with that. Either way, keep on keeping on my brother!
  11. Duffa

    Mazel Tov, Kev!

    Congratulations my friend!
  12. Welcome @Thomas we seem to have quite the increase in Aussies as of late? Enjoy your stay!
  13. Welcome my Australian breathren. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay! And @Lori Todd nice choice my friend, very nice.
  14. Maybe... try Hunter and Fox in Sydney: Hunter and Fox Tattoo and for Melbourne try: Chapel Tattoo Chapel Tattoo Korpus Korpus or Third Eye Third Eye Tattoo Studio hope this helps!
  15. It's true. Those threads have jumped many members in
  16. Flights to Japan are booked for June (I literally booked them and came on here lol) 2 days with Horinao-san are booked to at least finish the Outline (Sujibori - I need to start practicing again) of my back ;) I'll see what else happens and might pick something else up. Dinner and gig plans are currently being hatched so hopefully I'll have some decent content for another Japan travel thread
  17. Duffa

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome @Mark Bee probably one of the best intro's we've had in awhile. As everyone else has said, it sounds like you'll fit right in here! Enjoy yourself :cool:
  18. Boom goes the dynamite!! Nice find @TrixieFaux !! And you can always change your avatar back ;) hehehe @CaptCanada has started quite the trend lol - - - Updated - - - Yeah, I think you have a winner winner chicken dinner there Capt'n
  19. Between you, me and the fence post @else - it was pretty damn successful. I couldn't remember where the convo went down, or who had originally said they hated when peeps change their avatar... but I was pretty sure it wasn't me... pretty sure lol.
  20. Project successful! come to the dark side @TrixieFaux lol @else has already buckled
  21. sorry @else haha, I didn't want to confuse anyone to much so I still went with a Dave inspired avatar ;). Have you ever tried changing your avatar? All the cool kids are doing it... - - - Updated - - - Whoops, thread hijack! Booze shouldn't be watered down. Ah, back on track :cool:
  22. @CaptCanada - LMAO I don't remember saying that? In fact, I thought I supported your decision to change your avatar up to 3 times a week? I remember a conversation going down about said changing of avatars... I'm going to see if I can find it ;)