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  1. Last night sucked! Sleep did not come easy, no matter how much herbal remedies I took, but got there eventually. Not to bad this morning and the way my day is looking worst case scenario I should be able to get a nap in this arvo ;) lol
  2. Duffa

    Tiger Head

    Tiger Head by @lukemuller at True Love Tattoo, Brisbane
  3. Just got this bad boy from [MENTION=2486]lukemuller[/MENTION] over at http://www.facebook.com/truelovetattoobrisbane Leg is a little swollen at the moment but nothing out of the ordinary :) I'm f**king stoked. We had no idea what Luke was going to throw down beforehand, I had some ideas but nothing concrete and then I remembered a new painting he'd done, and the fact that I have no cats on me yet, the above plan was hatched and goodtimes where had by all ;)
  4. Cheers @Jack much appreciated haha ;) Just got back from True Love and after a shower my leg isn't to bad currently, however the hour and a half train ride back was hell due to it being peak hour and not being able to stretch it out properly! Goodtimes... I'll post picks in the lowdown thread right now
  5. I believe the scientific term is "lower squid pants" however a citation will be needed
  6. You know your an LST member when... lol. I'll be sure to post up once done :) Originally I'd said to myself nothing else after my last one until my back is done... that lasted all of 2 or so months... once again all LSTs' fault :cool: and I'm more than ok with that
  7. I may be in this thread tomorrow complaining. Although most of the tattoos on my lower legs have been ok when healing, you just never know. @hogg I may have missed this in another thread, but what are you getting Sunday?
  8. Since everyone has been kicking some serious ass and taking names lately, (and I haven't been a part of the fun) I just rang my homie [MENTION=2486]lukemuller[/MENTION] and he was kind enough to fit me in tomorrow afternoon after he finishes (he's a good man) No idea what I'm getting yet or where so this should be fun lol. I blame LST ;)
  9. Duffa

    Lost Tattoo

    Trevor Mcstay is a given, but the question is Australians who do Japanese work and not one mention of Matt Cunnington? C'mon people! ;) Dan Bursell also does nice Japanese and works at Westside with Matt Westside Tattoo - Brisbane, QLD - Professional Services | Facebook
  10. Hey and welcome to LST :) When I get home I'll post some suggestions up for you. And always awesome to see another Australian (Ok Kiwi, but you know what I mean haha) on the board! - - - Updated - - - www.amazon.com has some good stuff on there (also some crap but you'll get that anywhere) and Gomineko as @MadeIndelible mentioned have some great books available
  11. Duffa

    Hello from...?

    Hi @Energy welcome to LST. Now thats a list to be proud of! Would love to hear more about the documentary your working on and who your looking at interviewing :) Depending on who you are already looking at, I may have a couple of suggestions for you ;) - - - Updated - - - (And who doesn't love a bit of Rose Tattoo ;))
  12. @shell welcome to LST! Always great to see another Aussie on here. Oh @gougetheeyes I may be moving to melbs so you've got another place to crash ;) (what that means is - get you and your lovely wifes' respective asses on a plane and come on down lol)
  13. Happy Birthday LST!!! I know it's already been said, but it can't be said enough - thanks to the entire LST crew for making this place happen and for making it what it is. It's all out of love and hopefully we can show you some of that love back for what you guys do! Here's to the next two years and beyond :) Cheers!
  14. I've been lucky that my Mum has liked all my tattoos, she just asks the same thing in typical Mum fashion "Did it hurt?". Now, my Grandparents on the other hand have no idea that I have tattoos or if they do they have never said anything. It can be a real bitch here in summer with family get-togethers and I have to wear long sleeves and jeans haha
  15. This has bad idea written all over it lol Hitchhiker gets tattoo for each car that passes
  16. Well that explains the awesomeness. Welcome to LST :)
  17. Oh yeah, I'd forgotten all about that. Or, at least was attempting to haha ;) Our Paralympians on the other hand kicked some ass and took some names!
  18. I think I may have missed something homie? lol Sorry my good man, just been one of those crazy ass weeks ;)
  19. Can't go wrong with Sacred Tattoo ;) Or head on over to the convention and chat to a few different tattooers. Oh, and welcome to LST :)
  20. haha cheers @gougetheeyes I knew the GIF looked familiar, but just couldn't put my finger on where I'd seen it. Gold.
  21. @CultExciter shit dude, if that was any funnier I would have broken my gut piece
  22. The Ripleys do damn fine work. Sailors Grave would be my pick (And Judd's Australian so... you know ;) lol) I could be wrong but I think my homie [MENTION=2486]lukemuller[/MENTION] may still be guesting at the shop? Either way, you should at least stop by on a Friday and see what the go is. - - - Updated - - - @RoryQ I just checked out their (Sailors Grave) facebook page and Luke was the guest doing the walk ins and I'm pretty sure he's now continued on his trip (but I could be wrong)