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  1. Getting tattooed must be like having kids... You forget the pain, hence repeating it over and over. I just got an ankle tattoo about 2 months ago and it was nothing. Small tattoo. This after not having had any tattoo for 12 years. Yesterday I got a tattoo on my back and for the first hour and 50 minutes, I was completely fine. Even mentally patting myself on the back for my tolerance. Then the last 10 minutes. I was convinced he'd changed machines and was using a branding tool. The closer it went to my side/armpit, the worse it was. But I know in a few weeks I'll forget all that and be rea
  2. I'm about an hour outside of Baltimore Maryland
  3. I'm Jennifer, 41, in eastern USA. Married Mom of two teenagers. I got my first tattoo at 19 at a Farmers Market and loved it so much I went back the next day and got a second. Not the finest work in the industry but I didn't know any better. About 10 years later I had the second tattoo covered by a much better artist in a bona fide tattoo shop. Unfortunately due to stretch marks (thanks kids) and other reasons I don't remember, I never got the work completely finished. I wasn't working, instead I was a stay at home Mom so I never felt comfortable spending money on tattoos. Earlier this y
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