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  1. Sandor Jordan finished my Shoki today! It was going to be on my calf, but i decided i wanted to go big and put it on my thigh. He's a kickass dude and an awesome tattooer! Jordanist on Instagram
  2. Hi, just joined LST and thought i'd share my latest tattoo. Done by Tony Hundahl at the London convention, great guy who does awesome tattoos.
  3. Hi everyone! My name is Lars, i'm 27 years old from Bergen, Norway. Tattoos have always been fascinating to me, and caught my interest quite early. I got my first two tattoos at a shop in bergen when i was 15/16, some sweet tribals brah. Since then i have gotten a few better thought through tattoos, and planning on getting a bunch more. Looking forward to getting some new inspiration! Ill add a photo of one i got 2-3 years ago, Tiny reaper done by Phil Holt at Bergen tattoo convention.