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  1. Got a wonderful lady head from @Valerie Vargas best Mothers day present ever and had a takeaway in the evening , anyway just to say a huge Thank you to all at Frith Street Tattoo
  2. Anyone off to Frith Street for Mothers Day?I have an appointment with @Valerie Vargas and am beside myself with excitement
  3. Just to say Happy Halloween to everyone , donning my costume later including the temporary skull and crossbones hand tattoo im to nervous to get for real , have a great evening everyone.
  4. [MENTION=855]jade1955[/MENTION] those cupcakes looked amazing your wife must be a great cook.
  5. Ive used paypal for deposits , Stewart and Duncan x are great artists
  6. Thats very true its incredible when friends say that they dont need to go to a "fancy" shop like my partner and I have when we live in London and there is so much talent in every style, there is no need to get a bad tattoo.
  7. My partner and I have tried recommending shops and artists to people according to what they say they want, but weve given up as they never get the tattoos or say theyll just go to the local shop.
  8. I ve got two done at a local Friday 13th day unfortunately, a cotton reel and thread on my ankle with an embroidered 13 and scissors behind my ear with 13 between them .That one I regret , funnily enough I live at n13
  9. Jade1955 thats fantastic I wanted a mermaid on my other arm but I dont think I could compete with thAt
  10. @jade1955 im sure Swindon has some great artists (joke) just like my bit of East London specialises in scratchers who dont ask for i.d and tattoo 17 year olds wrists.
  11. @jade1955 cant wait to see what you and your wife get.Well, well jealous cant wait to get back up there for some work on my arm , hopefully one day I will be lucky enough to get a Valerie tattoo as well.
  12. London as a whole has many great sites and museums many of which are free, however Walthamstow where I live is mainly notable for riot damage and a street market.
  13. @jade1955 I hope your poor legs feeling better
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