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  1. Lifetime warranty! Custom pedals come with 6 foot long cord, nonslip grip, and no switches to wear. $50 each or $25 each when 8 or more are ordered.
  2. I want my feet done but I'm terrified! Lol. So far that's the only thing I'm worried about getting done.
  3. I'm going to be finishing my back then starting on my legs. Edwin Campbell is my tattoo artist and he's amazing. Finishing my back next week - - - Updated - - - Wow! That sounds amazing!
  4. I'm in the process of covering up two of my back tattoos with one solid back piece. I'm super excited!
  5. If you're ever in Colorado Springs, CO I know a perfect place to do a guest appearance and many that would come and see you.
  6. I feel the exact same way about this topic.
  7. I love showing off my tattoos. Both of my arms are sleeved, my back is done, and I have several on my legs. I do keep mine covered up while I am at work for the most part. I do work in the medical field but I often roll up my sleeves when working on a patient. I always get positive feedback. I do cover up my tattoos when I go on interviews or have business meetings. My boss knows I'm covered and has no issue with it. I wish I could show my tattoos all the time but I realize they are considered unprofessional to some business people. Tattoos are beautiful!
  8. Lathena


    That is awesome!! Thank you! I will definitely check out your site!
  9. A lot of factors could contribute to the scabbing. How often were you washing it and with what kind of soap? You also have to remember that a tattoo is an open wound and should be treated as so. I am covered in tattoos and I've only had one scab over and lose ink. Here is my routine...I was my tattoo with antibacterial, non-scented, soap. I use Aquafor for the first 3 days. Not a lot at a time but enough to keep the tattoo from being dry. After those three days I move to Jergens Ultra Healing (non scented) lotion for the remainder of the healing period. Also, some colors are harder to keep i
  10. Lathena


    Hi Colin! I think preserving a tattoo when an individual dies is fascinating!
  11. Hello everyone! I am very excitement to be a part of this community! I have too many tattoos to count. My husband is a tattoo artist and I am a collector! I enjoy sharing ideas and stories regarding tattoos and experiences. :)
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