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  1. Here's just a few off the top of my head in the northeast:

    Dennis Del Prete, Providence Rhode Island:

    Providence Tattoo - TATTOOS

    Chris Tavino, Danbury, CT

    Hat City Tattoo » Gallery

    Adam Lauricella, Wappinger Falls, NY

    Adam @ Graceland Tattoo :

    Civ, Sayville, NY

    Lotus Tattoo | Handmade Tattoos Since 1994

    (and its probably a type-o but the correct name is Jay Audette at Flying Tiger in CT)

    No for real, Dennis Del Prete @ProvidenceTattoo

    Also Wisconsin: Solid State Tattoo - Jon Reiter http://www.solidstatemilwaukee.com

  2. Just for fun-- I have one more Ive noticed as of late,

    please stop bringing in your pizza, burritos, hamburger, fries... etc

    Eat before coming into the shop. I don't want to smell your onions or pick up after you or collect your garbage.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find this to be really strange behavior?

    I don't bring pancakes into the salon when I go to get my hair done. COME ON PEOPLE.

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