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  1. Your grandpa sounds super badass! And I can totally get the whole getting multiple tattoos in a short period of time.. it's taking all I have to not do the same thing! The itch is real. Welcome! :)
  2. @annamageddon I briefly considered getting a buddha but quickly dismissed the idea, just doesn't feel right to me to get any spiritual figure tattooed, doesn't align so much with my beliefs. I am Pakistani actually, raised in a Muslim household, though I don't identify as Muslim myself, so unfortunately that wouldn't be an option. I've considered adding things like a hamsa hand, the eightfold path symbol, chakra symbols, but just don't have a clue where to start, other things I could consider getting on, formatting it all, stuff like that. Thanks so much for your input! - - - Updated - - - @66pens87 thank you!! :D
  3. Thanks for your reply, annamageddon! The theme of it is Indian spirituality. I've got this on my arm so far: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  4. Your situation is very similar to mine recently. I also have three tattoos and just a couple weeks ago revealed them to my slightly elitist, strictly conformist mom. Since then she has been trying to explain to me why I am definitely going to regret this, why it looks so bad, how my future husband will not like it, how it'll be hard to hide at my wedding, bullshit like that. I just try to keep my cool and explain to her how insignificant these things are, what nonissues they are. It's tough because I know she will *never* understand or see eye to eye with me on why this is just who I am. The sooner you rip off the band aid, the easier it will be to get over the consequence. Or you could just hide em with clothing. I did that for months.
  5. aww that Tweety Bird is actually super cute to me. If you're open to the idea of not covering it up, I would actually suggest getting it colored in and putting a fun background behind it. If you absolutely wanna cover it up, you could get virtually anything. Are there any ideas you've been toying with in your mind? It's tough to give a recommendation without knowing what you're like.
  6. Welcome! Is it bad that I know at some point I'll also have too many tattoos to count haha... love em. But I guess that's why we're all here! Looking forward to seeing some of your pieces!
  7. Hey there! Fellow Texan here :) I bet we are all friends with that itch you're talking about... Been having that a lot lately! Looking forward to seeing your pieces!
  8. Hello all! My name is Farah, nice to meet you guys :cool: I'm a 21 yr old college student who has been getting tatted since 2014. I have wanted to seek out a community with others who have the same interest so I could get some advice, ideas, share my own thoughts, and so here I am :) Specifically, I've hit a road block with how to complete my half sleeve, and was hoping to find some awesome folks to help get my creative juices flowing. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you all. Glad to be here!
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