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  1. @KBeee thanks, it was an awesome experience to get. Most of my torso is now pretty much full now as well. All by Stewart.
  2. Could not agree with this more. It's something a lot of people I speak to don't understand. In the most basic way I can put it, I got tattooed to be different, not accepted by the general public. I don't think my job or someone I don't know should have to accept what I do on my own time and with my body. If they do awesome, if not then it's probably someone/something I wouldn't want to have anything to do with in a personal sence anyway.
  3. Don't worry too mcuh about it @WYKTM My first foot tattoo took around 6 weeks to fully heal and it went through an angry red skin and dry skin phase. It now looks great and didn't need a touch up. Just keep doing what you're doing and make sure it stays clean :)
  4. @Stewart Robson Haha only to stop all the rumours going round and to get more people to read my papers...
  5. @MadeIndelible If you look in the interview I've mentioned all the people that tattooed me although it's not shown in the video. Also if you want to see specific credit for certain tattoos there are some shots of them in one of the short videos made for FST: On The Shoulders of Giants
  6. Thanks @jade1955 and @gougetheeyes Paris was a blast and if they put it on next year I'll probably go again, although I maybe only got for two or three tattoos this time...
  7. Haha yeah a bit, especially on the Saturday evening when I went out to meet some friends. Took all my will power and concentration just to order food at a restaurant. Totally worth it though
  8. Thanks everyone :) The only bad thing was that it made me realise I'm running out of space. Only really my thighs and ribs left now, well my lower arms too but they'll be my retirement present in 40 years or so if I'm lucky
  9. So I wasn't sure if I was going to post any of my new tattoos but decided in the end to just go for it. I moved to France four months ago and have been sat in a lab isolated from the world pretty much ever since. I went to the Mondial du Tatouage show in Paris for three days as a birthday present to myself. I booked in with Stewart Robson and Valerie Vargas from Frith Street and also Greg Christian. I ended up getting tattooed six times in three days. It was also my first convention and I'm going to make sure I go to a few more :D I stole all the pictures from the respective artist's instagra
  10. It may be a pompous attitude but just because you've been working hard and doing things right doesn't mean you deserve to be taught. As well if you're a random person just coming in how is anyone supposed to know all these things about you? I believe in teaching people as well, but I don't think everything should be taught to everyone that asks. At the end of the day it's their world, which means they make the rules. You may not like them, they may frustrate the shit out of you but that's life.
  11. Really? So you would happily give something that you've spent your whole life (or large part of) striving to perfect, your means of providing for your family and whatever else to any random person that asked for it? If yes, good luck to you. You know what my answer would be? Go fuck yourself. I don't tattoo, or have any desire to tattoo but if someone came up and asked for my life on a plate I'd be a lot less civilised and nice than most people, especially if that person was a complete stranger.
  12. I never meant to imply you were a fat ginger, I just met him a few times at gigs, he seemed to like the same stuff as you (as far as I can tell from the internet) and I just made a conection. No offence intended. Like I said I'm drunk and in France so what the fuck do I know.... - - - Updated - - - You know what, I'm too drunk for this shit. See you in the morning and sorry for any offence caused
  13. This is going to sound weird but I don't care, I'm drunk and in France so fuck it, but I always imagined you looking like the guitarist from Cancer Bats, god knows why....
  14. So I thought I would bump this thread up as I've just booked my ticket to go, is anyone else going?
  15. No offence but if your wife things it's too big, tough shit. It's your tattoo and your body. You make the decision, not her or anyone else
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