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  1. I have a traditional anchor on one foot and a much darker anatomical heart on the other. i thought about being matchy-matchy, but I like it this way better. ;-) Comes down to what YOU like. Hope that helps!
  2. Cover Up by Tony Velasquez, Ink Divine Tattoo Company, San Pedro, CA I had a 8000 year old armband (ok, not 8000...more like 22) that was horrible and not pretty and I hated it. This is what Tony turned it into. I love love love it!
  3. Lynn Leslie

    photo 4

    Left foot: Tony Velasquez, Ink Divine Tattoo Company. San Pedro, CA Right foot: Baba Austin, Vintage Tattoo, Los Angeles (Highland Park), CA
  4. Lynn Leslie

    Cover it up!!

    Tony Velasquez Ink Divine Tattoo Company San Pedro, CA
  5. Lynn Leslie


    Tony Velasquez Ink Divine Tattoo Company San Pedro, CA
  6. Lynn Leslie


    Tony Velasquez Ink Divine Tattoo Company San Pedro, CA
  7. Lynn Leslie

    Memento Mori

    B. Dobson Ukiah Tattoo Company Ukiah, CA
  8. Brandt Dobson Ukiah Tattoo Company Ukiah, CA
  9. Ok, ok...I'm not a lurker anymore! I'm Lynn, I live in Long Beach, got my first tattoo at 18 and haven't looked back. ;-)
  10. I bake, so my guy always gets homemade goodies. I also try to make enough for the entire shop (somethings he just refuses to share, so I make seperate plates). They get to be my taste testers and I have a grateful artist. ;-) We were friends before he ever started working on me, so that's always nice. Aside from that, I always make sure I'm well rested, in a good mood, well-hydrated, freshly showered (you're gonna have someone all up on ya for a good length of time, it's only polite.), no perfume and ready to sit! I show up on time (even a few minutes early so I can get situated), say hi to
  11. I leave the bandage on as long as I can. After that, I wash with hibiclens and let it air dry. If I'm about to go to bed, I use Living Essentials Frankincense essential oil. I'm pretty much healed in a day or two. I still use Aquaphor for the first week and keep using the hibiclens.
  12. Just watch the neighborhood you're looking at! Happy Hunting!
  13. My Left Foot (hahaha...) Another from Tony Velasquez @ Ink Divine in San Pedro, CA!
  14. Mine. ;-) Done by Tony Velasquez at Ink Divine Tattoo Co in San Pedro, CA
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