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    I began my tattoo career in Harrisonburg virginia at Painted lady tattoo, learning from Margaret Bushell. then moved onto Autsin texas to work at Atomic Tattoo, only stayed a few months before returning to my hometown of Richmond VA, where I currently work at River City tattoo as a full time artist. trying to get my painting up to par and general design sense, I work hard and will settle
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    Richmond Va
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    Tattoo artist
  1. Dylanmott


    nice little water lily on a co-workers arm
  2. Dylanmott

    Dog R.I.P

    on my room mates arm, his first big tattoo. it was for his husky who passed away recently
  3. Dylanmott

    Wasted heart

    On a good friends thigh, came it pretty good i think
  4. Dylanmott

    Angel Disquise

    Came out really well, client was super excited. Overall satisfying tattoo
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