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  1. Yes, atemporal great motifs!!! Enjoy it, can't wait to see them. [emoji108]?[emoji108]? Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  2. Great choice!!! Do you have the idea about the designs with each one? Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  3. Hi dude, if that you like is bold traditional japanese style, for me, two of the best and who have tattooed big part of my body are Rico and Shion of the Daruma Goya private studio in japan. They travel a lot around Europe, great balance about bold angry black background and great lines, you cannot wrong with this choice. @ricodaruma on instagram and DARUMA GOYA TATTOO, Japan Other great options are @horitsukikage1 or @horimomo , and if you like more "westernized" style, @stewart_modernclassic is amazing. Sorry for my english.
  4. I was following your bodysuit progress on your blog, Diego's works are amazing. One of my favorites japanese style tattooers from now. I met Rosie at last Barcelona Convention and she showed me her legs and back in progress by Diego too, awesome!!
  5. Great true Graeme, many times I was thinking about that during tattoo session, it's a sort of surreal moment, but I love it.
  6. My inner thigh leopard tibetan dagger done by Chad Koeplinger at last Barcelona Tattoo Expo.
  7. Hi Joe, last time I was at the convention (2012), Eli and Santoro made walks-up, you could choose design from the book that they carry, we went with a friend on Friday early to the booth of Smith Street and an assistant pointed the name and Mobile phone on a list. As van crossing out names on the list they call you on the phone to tell you what time you go to a tattoo with them. I guess if you go at first hour, the same day may take you. Definitely the best day is Friday, normally not so busy than the other days but I'm sure this year will be a madness of people. Luck! (excuse me for my englis
  8. I had pleasure to be tattooed two times on my leg by Bunshin Horitoshi, one in London Convention and another in her home-studio in Tokyo, is an amazing tattooer and very nice guy. Other young tattooers that I deeply admire are Horimomo and Bunshin Yozin (Yozin Irezumi facebook name), they make really strong and bold works.
  9. Oh man, that's a shame, Ichibay is awesome guy, he did a Fudo mask on my lower leg in her studio in Gifu, and was an amazing experience. I think he's Hokusai's reincarnation. I hope next time you will have good luck with it. I hope you share your Rubendall tattoo.
  10. Amazing, not tebori, Toshikazu tattoo entirely using traditional Japanese hand tattooing, dentowaza, like a pencil, Linework, shading and coloring are all done using this method, is awesome. Alex Reinke an Matti Sheldom under KS Publications have made te book "DENTOWAZA" about the work of this master, working in southern japan. Kofuu-Senju Publications | “Dentouwaza”
  11. Ha ha, thanks, I promise that I'm real, 80% flesh&bones and 20% ink, ha ha.
  12. Hello, I'm Sergio, from Barcelona, I'm 36 years old and I'm crazy with all staff around the tattoo world. I really have enjoyed with all the post, info and videos of this awesome comunity, thanks for share. Excuse me if my english is rude.
  13. awesome Hanya man!!!!! I want to get tattooed by Mike next year..... a Hanya too, ¿how many hours to make your hanya?, it's fantastic
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