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  1. Maybe not ideal, but I got frames at Costco for mine and they look pretty damned sharp.
  2. @TrixieFaux thanks! I'm pretty psyched about it @Killercook76 yeah, me too, haven't been tattooed by anyone else...yet!
  3. if you follow her IG and go back in the time line, I'm the Ganesh (last week, outline only), the Panther (finished around November), and the Tiger (finished probably 18 months ago). The first two are linked in my profile. I think they preceded her IG usage?
  4. Hmmm, maybe I'm lucky but I had zero connections or friends or anything when I booked my first appt with Kim. Working on tattoo #5 from her right now. I think she, like anyone who is good enough and fortunate enough to have the luxury, is just picky about the projects she takes on. Or maybe I'm just that charming via email? ok, probably not
  5. no idea is this is true, but have heard through the grapevine that talented but young tattooers applied and were rejected for being too good. essentially, they didn't one one or two being so much better than the dregs they typically get on these shows. and probably they didn't have enough drama to be interesting on TV. Though I don't doubt that most folks with any degree of skill wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. And yet here I am, watching it every week like a sucker.
  6. In anticipation of my next appointment here's some pics of my last two
  7. I have a huge octopus on my shoulder/upper arm. Definitely not feminine. I'm hardly alone, lots of guys have bad ass octopus tattoos. And at some point I'll have roses as well. Don't sweat it so much, get what make you happy. F anyone who gives you shit about it
  8. Awesome snow lion. Definitely on my list. Its one of the four dignities (along with dragon, tiger and garuda). The 4 aspects of a Bodhisattva. Snow lion is unconditional cheerfulness, a mind free of doubt. Powerful symbol. Love it.
  9. My best advice is to live somewhere that is both relatively close to work and gives you multiple driving options (ie more than one freeway that will get you there and back). The less traffic you deal with on a daily basis, the more you will love LA.feel free to ask any specific questions as you go.
  10. Trixie, awesome, I have a few from Kim, she is great, and the nicest person on earth. Can't wait for my next appointment with her.
  11. I've suddenly got the urge for a panther (maybe this thread has something to do with it?). Any recommendations for SoCal? So many great tattoers here, but wondering if anyone has done some especially good panthers
  12. planning to start on my back next fall, Tibetan style, kicking around ideas still. In my dreams, with unlimited time and money, I'd move to NYC for a while and have it done by Yoni Z at NY Adorned. Reality is that I'll have it done here in LA (which is pretty good too :)).
  13. no, when the new one heals I'll post in the "lowdown" page, along with the other one.
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