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  1. this stuff is gooooood. Very rich color, nice consistency. Ive personally only used the yellow, lime green & blue concentrate but im very happy with those colors & look forward to acquiring more. I knew I had to get my hands on some after getting this bad boy by Steve Boltz last year. the time tells golden yellow makes the yellow in all my other tattoos look like piss.
  2. I have to say I'm quite partial to b&g portraits. But I have a few tattoos from bob tyrrell & am a huge fan of jack rudy.. I do like josh mason's traditional portraits a lot too.
  3. Got this from Sam Wolf back when he worked at Wholeshot. Hes now at Signature Tattoo in Ferndale MI
  4. Ive been tattooed by Bob Tyrrell a few times, and he is definitely one of the nicest, most down-to-earth artists I have met. Extremely humble for how talented he is, and one heck of a guitar player too.. I also went to Smith St. when I visited NY & got a tattoo from Steve Boltz. He was super cool & the shop itself was really impressive. All that hand painted flash is incredible, the bathroom was even covered in flash.. all pin-ups. So awesome.
  5. Jeffrey McJunior


    Tiger tattoo Grrrrrr
  6. This was the same bass drum pedal John Bonham used..
  7. Jeffrey McJunior


    Grim reaper backpiece
  8. Pink Peony flower on Sarah's foot
  9. Jeffrey McJunior


    Jurassic Park themed Velociraptor tatz
  10. Jackson dinky reverse guitar coming out of a rose. METAL
  11. lady "getting in touch with her feminine side" from a Dana Brunson flash sheet
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