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  1. Well long time comming finally done and healed with some good pics...I couldn't be happier!
  2. So it's been awhile Since my last update 2 more sessions and it complete...ill get some better pics in a few days when it healed up a bit but I'm super stocked on how it turned out!
  3. Coulda just been me but the skin it really thin there on me tried him ending a session there and then next time I have him try starting it there...sucked equally both times felt like he was on bone the whole time haha..not looking forward to the color there or the other side!
  4. I have em..kicks in after 20 minutes or so then about an hr in gets progressively worse with 4 hrs being about my max:(. On the note of the thread I've had my inner bicep inside elbow and all done and was ok but upper shoulder collar bone area and my back behind my shoulder hurt like hell..felt like he was tattooing inside my ear!
  5. Been working on this piece now am about 9hrs in with a local artist Jason Leeser. I came up with a few ideas of what I wanted and he did the rest. Can't wait to start color next week!
  6. Been lurking here for awhile and decided to join this morning! Looks like a great place to get some information about great artists and ideas and I look forward to getting to know you guys and girls! I currently have a small tattoo on my leg as a memorial to a good buddy of mine and am working on a large peice on my left arm that goes from my collarbone down to my elbow of koi fish allittle more realistic in style. I am 3 sessions in 2 at 4hrs each and one 1hr session and go back next week to start color. This is the first of many I take my time and like to plan out how everything will look together so it may be awhile but I figure I got some time:) below are some pics of were I am at as of right now all work has been done by Jason Leeser out of tattoo alley in horsham pa can't wait to get some color! Edit: I can't seem to get the pics to orient correctly hopefully you get the idea and I can try to fix em tommorow on my computer!
  7. Jason Leeser Tattoo Alley
  8. Jason Leeser Tattoo alley
  9. Jason Leeser Tattoo Alley
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