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    MGblues reacted to Julio Avila for a blog entry, Tattoo appointment etiquette   
    This is something that encounter at least once a week.....
    you know how when you have a dentist appointment you try to cram 6 months worth of flossing into 15 minutes before your appointment? or if you have to go to the doctor, you try to shower up before you go in for whatever is ailing you?
    WELL PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TAKE THE SAME LIBERTIES WHEN YOU ARE GETTING TATTOOED!!!!!!!!!! brush your teefs so it dont smell like you been munchin on shit sandwiches for lunch. if you are getting your foot or cankle area tattooed, please wash your dawgs and wear a clean pair of socks! dont come in after working in the sun on the job site with your work boots and wool socks. and for you goofy hipsters.... wash your feet, borrow some socks from your dad, and wear a pair of shoes other than the sorry ass moth holed pair of vans you bought 5 years ago and have been wearing EVERYDAY since. you're gonna spend hard earned cash on a cool tattoo on your foot only to slip said foot into a pair of sneakers that smell like onions and vinegar?! not so smart. do the right thing. and while you are at it, wear some pants that fit you and put your girlfriends shirt back into her closet.