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  1. Nope, she moved to Pittsburgh about 18 months ago I believe. We've been working on the sleeve since January, and I know she'd already been there for 6+ months at that point.
  2. Both the hockey skull and the octopus sleeve were done by the lovely and talented Hannah Aitchison! :D
  3. Thanks for all the welcomes - 28 hours later on the sleeve very glad to finally have it done. Just wish it would hurry up and finally be healed! Now, that frustrating calf...
  4. 44 year old guy here, living just outside Washington DC in Virginia. It all started about 15 years ago when I convinced myself that "doing an Ironman triathlon is a good enough 'meaning' to commemorate forever" and the first tiny tattoo was born. That progressed a few years ago to a polynesian half sleeve to commemorate where I was born, and that's moved on to a full colour sleeve and a decent sized calf piece (which I did 10 days ago and am having a ridiculously hard time healing - actually found this site searching for hints on healing calves and found lots of great advice). I do tons of
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