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  1. (It's been a while since I've posted, so let me quickly reintroduce myself: I'm @hogg 's significant other. A tattoo collector, not an artist. Also, I'm an American historian -- a.k.a. an academic.) Perhaps we're all being a little hard on @SailorClaire because she is a self-identified academic. But those of us in that world are not all the same; we've all had different training, and we approach our research, our subjects, our writing, and our instruction from various perspectives and with various levels of discipline and care. With that said, @SailorClaire, you may have exposed yourself as the academic equivalent of a scratcher. Your heart seems to be in the right place, and you offered some evidence of background research (albiet too little, too late). But I'd agree with others who have questioned the time constraints on the project and asked whether it isn't ultimately "lazy" to mine internet forums for a sociological study like this. It's an amateur approach rather than a forward-thinking one. As you continue with your graduate work, read more, practice more, you'll certainly be able to better recognize the difference. Interviewing people as research subjects is a delicate undertaking, which should be obvious considering all the legalese in the paperwork you'll need to submit with your thesis. But paperwork aside, engaging in this kind of first-person research requires better training, a greater sensitivity to your subject matter, an awareness of how you will be perceived by your interviewees, far more reading, and a great deal of practice honing your methodology -- especially your skills as an interviewer, a writer, and a student of your "topic of choice." If you really do want to make an impact in your field, the research process (and ultimately your writing) can't be rushed. Cutting corners may get you your master's degree, but it won't make you a respected scholar in the field and certainly not within the tattoo world. I'm sure the tattoo artists on the board can appreciate the value of these kinds of missteps along the way. Best lessons.
  2. I consider myself a respectful and well-behaved client. I tip generously and I've been known to bring baked goods and Virgin Mary statuettes to artists as "thank you"s. But I admit I have used an iPod and iPhone (Words With Friends, checking email, texting my husband, never any phone calls) during recent appointments. I never thought of this as rude behavior. I figured as long as my devices were silenced and I wasn't squirming to use them, it was perfectly acceptable client behavior, especially since it helps distract me from the pain. I also assumed most tattoo artists prefer not to chat it up with customers, so I thought if I entertained myself they'd be happier. I do talk with an artist if they engage me, but I try my best to allow them to focus. The original member who suggested this was bad behavior, I think, admitted he wasn't an artist. So I'm curious what the artists on the board think about this. In related news, I will from now on ask an artist for permission to use listen to an iPod or to text.
  3. Just posted the additional tattoo photos. I tried to delete the duplicates, but failed. Apologize for that.
  4. Perfect little Kewpie for my daughter. Stuart Cripwell.
  5. Lembrança ("remembrance") birdies, completed in about 45 minutes. Scott Silvia (who else?). Heath Preheim butterfly below.
  6. mama neta

    Jamie Ruth Unicorn

    One vicious unicorn. Jamie Ruth (when she was at Temple Tattoo).
  7. One of three butterflies, all inspired by Cindy Ray's. Heath Preheim.
  8. One of three butterflies, all inspired by Cindy Ray's. Heath Preheim.
  9. Completed Fatima and black/gray roses. Freddy Corbin.
  10. Completed Fatima and black/gray roses. Freddy Corbin.
  11. Completed Fatima and black/gray roses. Freddy Corbin.
  12. Here's a smorgasbord: SF Gate Celeb Tattoo Photos Lots of uninspired yet oddly entertaining captions, like this one: "Mena Suvari has this ferocious tattoo on her upper back."
  13. Thanks. Searching for pictures to post, I realize I don't have fully-healed shots of many of my tattoos. Shameful, really. Will post more soon. Lochlan, I'd hate to bore anyone with the details of my dissertation, though it's nice of you to ask. In a nutshell, I'm writing about Los Angeles and the rise of gangsta rap. My goal is to write something that, unlike most academic books about hip-hop, is actually interesting. We shall see.
  14. ... I thought I should officially join. Happy to be here among so many of the artists I admire and in the midst of some serious collectors. Also, full disclosure: I'm married to a moderator, so be nice to me.
  15. mama neta

    Bloody Sparrow Tattoo

    15 minutes into an appointment with Scott Silvia. (He finished shading and color about 10 minutes later.)