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  1. I think it is an interesting question, but not even something that I have ever thought about. To be honest, one of the key personality traits of every tattooer I have been around is not really giving a damn about what people think of you. I don't care what people want to categorize me as. I do my own thing, if you dig it, cool, if not, kick rocks. Just my .02

  2. For me it depends on what I am doing the drawing for. If I am doing a tattoo design I use 2 different mechanical pencils. One is a .9 mm that I have loaded with red soft lead, and the second is a normal .9 mechanical pencil. I use the red to do my sketch then the normal to do my final line drawing. When I copy it the red doesn't print. However if I am doing an fully rendered graphite drawing I use normal pencils. For me it is easier to get smooth gradients with the bigger leads and it is also a little easier to tailor the point of the lead to get it to do what I need it to do.

  3. I am thinking about doing a juice fast to kind of clean out my system and maybe loose a couple of pounds. I was wondering if anyone on here had any experiences with juicers or maybe had any good recipes. I do have a couple of friends that do the whole juicing thing, but since I have never done it before, I could use all the help I can get. Thanks a lot.

  4. The first tattoos I did were on myself, so I wasn't really that nervous. I worked on myself for around 30 hours before tattooing anyone else. When I did start tattooing on customers, I was happy because I could actually move around to a comfortable position to work instead of all twisted up. So to sum it up, no I wasn't really that nervous.

  5. I've done lots of full color tattoos on darker skin, it does have a lot to do with not only how dark you are, but also weather you have a warm or cool complexion. The last part kind of has to do with what colors would be smart to use on you. But like everyone has already said check with your favorite tattoo artist and go from there.

  6. I like Sullen. I think it is cool that I can get artwork from some of my favorite tattoo artists on a t-shirt, and that money goes into finding other tattoo artist that deserve recognition. They do a lot of promotion for the artists that are on their "team". I dig it.

  7. When getting my back done, I am going to have either one person do it, or have it done as a collaboration between a couple of artists, either way it will be one continuous piece from my neck to the bends of my knees, that said it is going to be one piece. I don't see any problem in having a couple artist work on different pieces.

  8. I work in a small community that is kept fed by a huge military base. Including the shop I work at there are 10 tattoo shops to service the area, 3 of which are reputable shops. The other seven have crappy artists and cheap prices. I'm sorry but I am not going to drop my prices to compete with licensed scratchers, the guys at the other reputable shops all agreed as well. So what happens is we try to send each other business whenever we are overflowing and they do the same. We all focus on doing every tattoo to the best of our ability so that the quality of our work on our worst days still kills the other shops. Whenever we do have someone saying that Joe Blow down the road will do it for cheaper, we refer them to our local wall of shame, it is a cork board that shows pics of tattoos that we have either had to cover or rework, a before and after. It helps to educate the public on what their "good deal" might look like.

  9. Me and a few friends will be getting a booth and doing work, so if you would like to set up an appointment hit me up. The guys coming with me include Richard De La Cruz, out of Houston TX, Tim Davis out of Elite Skin Art in Lawton OK and Waylon Rodgers out of Cannibal Graphics in OKC, OK. We have a really talented group that covers every possible style, so If you will be in the area at that time hit me up. Im sure that we can hook you up with any of your tattoo needs lol.

  10. I got mine done and tattooed the same day, it didn't work out very well for me at all. The main thing for me was getting my tattoo covered enough that I didn't have to worry about cross contamination, then trying to fit into gloves. It kind of sucked. That was at the shop too, I could only imagine trying that at a show where you are already out of your element and being watched by a bunch of people. If you can avoid tattooing for at least a couple of days it would be a whole lot better on you and your tattoo. Just my .02.

  11. I live in Oklahoma, and most people I know have at least a little bit of native blood. For example, I am a white guy, but I have 2 types of native blood in my veins Cherokee and Choctaw. That said, here nobody really says anything one way or another. Most people assume that you have some native American heritage if you've got a tattoo along those lines. It doesn't really answer your question, but I would say geography would play a big part in that. I also have a couple of nice native lady pieces drawn up and on display in my booth and have had nothing but compliments by Native Americans who have seen them.