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  1. A guy came in and told me one day that he wanted to get a specifically random tattoo, we talked about it for a few minutes and I was kind of having trouble coming up with something random on the spot lol. So he said " I dunno bro, I just wanna get something crazy and weird, like, I dunno, a banana riding a unicycle and juggling chainsaws." So that is what we did.

    I also had a walk in that got a grilled cheese sandwich.

  2. As a tattooer, I would like to get all of the input that I am going to have right up front. The way I see it is if I have to completely redraw something, then I didn't do my job in the consultation. I can tweak a drawing on the fly pretty easily, but for the most part I like to be pretty close. I don't mind a customer having as much or little to say as they would like, as long as they can communicate to me what it is that they want. As far as doing drawings, I will redraw it until one of us starts to get frustrated. At that point I will pass it on to one of my coworkers. We do this all the time, because sometimes it is just impossible to get on the same page.

  3. In my experience yellow heals the same as any other color, and stays bright as long as you keep sun block on it when it will be exposed to the sun. I will say that if you are darker in complexion than maybe a cappuccino, yellow will be very muted.

    edit: cool design though.

  4. A friend of mine named Waylon Rodgers at Cannibal Graphics in Oklahoma City. He is a super sick tattoo artist that can throw down any style, any time. He is most well known for his realism stuff, but he is just super talented all the way around the board. You might actually recognize his wife because she is in a ton of magazines, and advertisements. I will be getting my next tattoo from him. I do like all of the artists at Cannibal Graphics, but he is my personal favorite.

  5. If it is someone that likes their bad tattoo, I usually say "Well I've seen worse" with a grin, I'm not lying and they usually aren't offended. If it is someone wanting an "touch up" on a tattoo that is an epic fail, then I explain in as polite a way possible that a cross-eyed monkey with glaucoma and Parkinson's disease could have done a better job, but I can fix or cover it no problem.

  6. I got mine done, the hardest part of the whole thing was the hair growing back and not being able to shave it. It started to poke the tattoo which was a bit irritating. But as far as smell goes, I washed it often enough that I never had any issues. Hope that helps.

  7. I bought it and have been playing the crap out of it. Its pretty fun. I only like a couple of the maps though. I hope that the DLC has better maps.

  8. I have done a couple of them, usually small names or phrases, and healed they end up looking kind of like a scar. That said you should keep the design really really simple. Pro's i would say that it is a subtle kind of tattoo if it holds well. Cons would be that it could almost be considered a temporary tattoo, sun damage will eventually fade it to the point that it is hard to see. Oh and it would be kind of hard to talk most tattoo artists into doing it.

  9. I have used Dr. Numb on my wife a couple of times at tattoo conventions. Usually I try to keep from using it, but I was starting a new tattoo that i estimated to take me around 5 hours, after having already tattooed her for 8 hours the day before. Anyways point being that those types of products help out for a couple of hours if used correctly. But once you start feeling the tattoo again it seems almost worse, but it does help for a little while. It is also expensive.

  10. I was Hellboy last Halloween. I didn't buy a costume though, I carved the big hand out of foam and did lots of make up. I haven't figured out exactly what I wanna do this year, but I think me and my wife are gonna do some Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas action, we shall see.

  11. The actual sun exposure should be what ages the tattoos, not how your skin reacts to the sunlight. It seems like you would have "hyperactive" melanin, but as long as you are keeping the lotion on, your tattoos should age well.