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  1. My pocket watch tattoo is the only tattoo I don't like, that said thats more because it was not very well done, once I eventually get it re-lined/reworked I may like it, I think they can look really great, but can also look quite tacky if the style isn't right.
  2. I waited a few years before getting my R.O.A, I knew I wanted Brad to do it, and it fills a large space on the back of my arm... Done by Bradley Tompkins at Frith Street,not the best picture as tattoo wraps quite a lot.
  3. Hey guys, Im Greg, I've been collecting tattoos across London for the past few years, I'm about to move to Norway for 6 months and i'm hoping to get tattooed by Morten Transeth while i'm there, I started collecting tattoos properly after my 19 year old self decided to get a terrible tattoo, and I started putting the effort into finding the right people to tattoo me from then onwards! Greg
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