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    Tattoing since 96. Got my start from Tom Johnson in Pennsylvania.
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    Tattooing at Silver City in Poulsbo Wa. since 99
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    Music art tattooing and family. Not in that order.
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  1. just got my hand done by Mike in SF. A panther to match my tiger. Its kinda rough right now but when its healed I will post them both. - - - Updated - - - By the way, its my 2nd Mike Wilson Panther. First one I got in 98.
  2. Ill be there all weekend at the Anvilrest booth with Marco Hernandez and Kevin LeBlanc. Stoked to see everyone.
  3. of course there will always be exceptions. Ny adorned comes to mind. but so do countless other hot topic outlet tat shacks across the country. The second example that cltattooing gave seems to be the norm. People worried about the bottom line and little else, well maybe what color vinyl sticker to put on their hummer so everyone knows they own a tat shop. I personally will never work for someone who does not tattoo. I dont see the point. What can you learn from them? The vast majority of new people in this business have a very long or very short road ahead of them. Its up to the individual if they want to take control of their career and push themselves to improve everyday. Or you could just get a "neck blast" and some sick "hand jammers" so everyone knows you are one of the cool kids and pump out mediocre heath ledger portraits till its time to get a real job. I read on Tim Hendricks instagram something to the effect of there is no room in tattooing for mediocrity. I agree wholeheartedly be it tattooers or shops. If you arent willing to dedicate yourself get the fuck out. - - - Updated - - - Im a very positive person and not trying to be an asshole but any thread about a reality tattoo show is bound to go there!
  4. Guess that would depend on what your idea of success is. The fact that your friends shop is owned and run by a non tattooer makes it the opposite of a success. Its not always about money. Sometimes its about maintaining perspective in a time of bullshit reality tv and interlopers trying to burn tattooing for every dollar they can while the "fad" still lasts. Sometimes its more about what you put into tattooing than what you take out. Something that a non tattooer will never be able to do.
  5. in that horrible chics defense, that johnny dangerously dude is a fucking moron. Anyone who has a mohawk and is not a punk is an idiot.
  6. Apparently Seth has them building machine kits that they have to tattoo with. Separating the wheat from the chaff in one fell swoop. Take note tattooers, if you can not assemble a build it yourself kit from Seth which goes together practically on its own it is time to kill yourself.
  7. glad you said something Shawn. I read the first few responses expecting/hoping for someone to be bummed about that term. gives me the chills in the worst way.
  8. Cool thing you are doing for him Deb. There is hope for the future of tattooing in north america after all! Now can you send me down there?
  9. when I was a kid Dave would come through philly with Mike Wilson all the time. I got to go to Luckys about 10 or 12 years ago in San Diego. Real deal tattooing in a shop full of nothing but hand painted flash. Very cool!
  10. Can someone help me design my sleeve? But seriously, I only allow my self time to skim the topics in the new post section. If nothing grabs my eye I move on to illegal downloads and Mighty Boosh clips on youtube. Unfortunately most of what I found interesting were the posts by other tattooers, people who I know and or respect. Im really not interested inwhat people are planning on getting tattooed unless its from me. I do like seeing photos so the panthers, snakes and Rock of Ages type posts usually get a look. I will continue to stop by and check things out and hopefully chime in when appropriate. Till then....
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