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  1. Because the general public doesn't know any better. We're ignorant and we're not allowed to ask why it's particularly bad, because that's the equivalent of asking artists to divulge trade secrets. You're right, most of us are "tourists", and we don't spend enough time immersed in tattooing to know the difference. So...we walk around in blissful ignorance, proudly showing off tattoos that are, in reality, pretty crappy. And you know? the people we show them off to are impressed because they don't usually know any better either. In return, they show us their fabulously fucked up tattoos,
  2. I dunno. I almost like the dragon on the left. Okay, I might not have the most experience/knowledge, so take this from a complete layman's point of view. The lines on all three are choppy and uneven (and the scroll lines on the gob of roses are really NOT great at all), but it almost works for the dragon, which looks sort of like a watercolour painting. If she said she meant for it to look that way, I'd believe her. And the three tattoos that abees posted aren't too bad, especially the eagle. I noticed that, too, that the lines on the feather tips were thickened or broken to add to the s
  3. Only two piddly-ass little tattoos so far, but of the two, the tail of the cross on my lower back tattoo made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Lots of nerve endings there or something. The other one is just a small two and half inch heart on my rib cage, which didn't hurt at all. My husband said his hurt a lot. It's on his shoulder (delt), but there are a lot of parallel lines, so lots of outlining which made it feel like the guy was going over and over the same spot.
  4. I had considered this. :) I'm certainly not as forward in my face to face life either. The psychology of social interaction on the WWW would be an interesting area of study, no?
  5. Water off a duck's back, although it did make me pout for a bit. I'm working hard to keep my mouth shut, too. I'm not used to putting my foot in my mouth like that, and I don't care for the taste of boot leather. It's immediately apparent that, other than that last fiasco, there's a goodly number of intelligent, skilled, learned people here. I expect you'll see me around for a bit yet, although maybe not as outspoken.
  6. Not an option anyway. They went out of business. surprise, surprise. If they did, I'd have to just go elsewhere. I don't think I'd mind seeking out someone to do a custom piece of their design if I had seen their portfolio and they had a distinctive style that I just had to have. But this was a first tattoo and I'm a bit of a control freak. :) Thanks for your answer. Good to know I wasn't the only one who thought it was unprofessional.
  7. *sigh* I just got spanked for asking a dumb question a bit ago, so I hope this doesn't piss anyone off. I'm just looking for a reality check on this one. When I got my first tattoo, I spent a lot of time and energy designing it myself. I was excited at the idea of having something uniquely 'me' on my person. Okay, so the design was fairly simple traditional American, and it would fit right in with the rest of the flash on the walls. But it was MY design, that I created for myself. I went to the shop to get an estimate and book my appointment. The guy complimented me on my work and sai
  8. Small world! I like it here. A little stuck in its ways, but that's a small town for ya. It's got everything we need without the rush hour traffic. :) Except a tattoo shop that is. We did have one here briefly - TrueHart Tattoo - but they moved to Kingston.
  9. Okay I get it. Are my ass cheeks pink enough yet?
  10. Thanks, gougetheeyes, this does make things clearer and you offer some very good advice.
  11. Fine, so I'm a parasite. I'm not sure exactly how to formulate a response to this that expresses how I feel about it without generating a whole lot more inflammatory responses. Again, you don't know me. As far as I can tell, I don't think I said anything purposely aggravating. There seems to be this concept of "real tattooing" out there that is never explained. And when I say, "Okay, so YOU tell ME, what is real tattooing?", the response seems to be "If you have to ask, you'll never understand." If there was anything about this industry that would drive me away it's snobbery. I'm not l
  12. Napanee. It's about 30 minutes west of Kingston. Do you know the area?
  13. Hi everyone, I'm new to the board and just wanted to say a quick hello. Tattoo enthusiast perhaps but not really qualified to call myself a collector yet. My job/social life doesn't really allow for it at this point. Someday I'd love to be the one actually doing the tattooing but that's a ways off. I live in Ontario, Canada and...not really sure what else to say here. I'm sure if it's relevant, I'll mention other stuff in other posts. Looking forward to getting to know folks and hope to learn lots.
  14. LOL, it's a little ironic, isn't it? Most tattooers get someone else to do their tattoos, right? Two hairdressers in town. Which hairdresser would you get to do your hair: the one with the Hollywood celebrity hair or the one with the mullet? If you said the one with the celebrity hair, you'll wind up looking like Joe Dirt. Anyway, thanks Shmitty. The plan is not to get rich and famous, but to get good and to do good work and let word of mouth do its thing. I'm alright with having a little less business if it means maintaining my integrity. When the time is right, and I find the right a
  15. Well...thankfully I'm all the way up in Canada and you won't have to deal with me. I'm sorry that my apparent lack of passion offends you, although I think perhaps you might want to get to know me better before you jump to conclusions about that. I want to do the art for the sake of the art itself, but I haven't found the right artist or piece for myself yet. It's a highly personal decision and I don't like the idea that I would be judged by my lack of tattoos any more than I would like the idea of being judged by the world at large for being covered in them from head to toe. It's just a c
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