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  1. Are there way too many tattoos, especially on women? The body is not a mural. What's wrong with these warped pieces of garbage that they don't have any concept of what it means to be a living being? You're not a billboard that rents space for pictures of snakes and crossbones.
  2. Mainly want to ask something about the health after tattoo.
  3. The arm the pattern just finished the body, or should wear loose clothes, the to avoid inflammation clothes stained.
  4. must stab myself in the back of a pattern regarding my personal sweetheart.What kind I want to stab me at the back of a structure of my own boyfriend.What sort of impact will be better?Won't look quite unusual?associated with effect will improve?Does not look really odd?
  5. Japanese tattoo looks well,but why dont you try a Chinese character tattoo ?
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    Hi and welcome!
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    Kentucky?this is a great resource.. I’m loving the desigh.
  8. These Asian tattoos look very cool,thank you!
  9. Hiya,i am new here too
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