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  1. I know I am the forum 'noob' and I am still waiting to be of age to get my tattoo, doesn't mean I can't offer my opinion, right? :P Well, like Kev had said, if you are already planning to hide it, I would suggest finding a place where it will easily be hidden by a piece of everyday clothing - shirt, pants, etc. On your shoulder perhaps - from many of the tattoos I've seen on men, it appears to be a popular spot. For the tattoo itself, I think it would be kind of cool if you get the goose with its wings in an open position - that way if you later have children (or even if you do now) you could later put a gosling and have it under your wing. :) I don't know, like I had said, I have no tattoos, and no actual tattoo experience .. Just a few ideas bouncing around. Just a thought. Here's an actual image I found which sort of resembles what I mean.
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    Thank you! :]
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    Painting the Roses Red

    Wow, that is so beautiful, I quite enjoy how it is a 3rd dimensional tattoo. The shading is lovely and the colours are so vibrant yet subtle at the same time and all so complimentary to each other. I'm not a tattoo artist, nor have I yet gotten a tattoo (still to young to get one without parental consent, and of course my parents will not give consent) but that does not mean one can not appreciate how wonderful this is.
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    Hahah, oops. Blond moment. I forgot to add the picture .. Anyways here it is! I think it is a a very simple tattoo and I want 'Maggie' in very small letters underneath it - but I'm not sure what lettering to use for it. Any suggestions? I want just a simple tattoo in memory of my furry sister! : ) Thanks so much, and sorry about that blond moment of mine!
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    One year, four months and thirteen days! It's still a long time, but hopefully the time passes quickly! My first tattoo is going to be a paw print just like the one below, and it will have my dogs name (Maggie) in very small lettering below the paw print. It's in memory of her since I was basically raised with her, so she was like a sister to me, so when the vet found all of the cancer, I was devastated. I remember the vet calling telling us that she refused to eat (she had cancer of the throat, so it was hard for her) and they were going to try and tube feed her. We came in to visit her everyday, and even though she was lifeless looking as soon as she saw us, she perked right up, came over and had soaked up all of the attention and she went over to her food bowl and started to mow down. The vet said it was astonishing how much she was missing us. Finally we couldn't deny the situation any longer, and we didn't want to see her in anymore pain. After all the possible treatments available were tried (and had failed), she had that look in her eyes. Her time had come, and she was ready to go. So my parents made the decision to put her down. I miss her dearly to this very day, she was our hellion beagle who made us so angry at times but was the sweetest dog anyone would have ever met. Holy crap. I just realized how long that reply was .. Sorry about that, but I thought I would give a little background information of why I want that tattoo. Ohh, and I should mention that I want it placed on my left wrist, right above the vein that runs through your wedding ring finger directly to your heart, she is truly that close to me, and will always be a little piece of my heart, so she should be directly connected with it .. In a way. Thanks for the warm welcome and I'm sure you'll see more of me around the forums taking in all I possibly can!
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    I'm just a noob to the tattooing world and have long admired it. I am still too young to get a tattoo without parental consent (and of course, parents being parents will not give consent). I find the best tattoo is the one that has meaning to you. Even though I am a 'kid' I am still old enough to realize these are permanent fixtures on the human body, or at least not easily removable without an actual procedure to remove them! I have always had a love for tattoos (usually the ones that are truly beautiful or that have an actual meaning to a person or which are a way of expressing ones self, perhaps not the ones of Daffy duck pushing a lawnmower through ones pubes, a little respect lost for that person, but if that's how they want to express themselves, so be it!) I know of the basics of tattooing just from Google, but I thought it would be better to see it from the perspective of the artist themselves. I am just out of my skin to be of age to be tattooed with things which have meaning to me and which express me properly. I look forward to learning more about tattooing from the forums and all of your experiences (even though I'm not looking to go into the career of tattooing, doesn't mean I can't just have a love and appreciation for it, right?). Hope to learn from all of you and get to know you all and your opinion as the actual artist! :)
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