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    Work in the tech industry and have had a passion for great tattoos since I can remember. I have one full sleeve with a mix of Polynesian and traditional Japanese. The other sleeve is half Polynesian with a black and grey Virgin Mary and planning to fill the other side with more black and grey.
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    San Francisco, Bay Area
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    Anything that has an engine and wheels, comic books, Lego
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  1. By far the worst for me was my elbow. So much so, that I'm debating if I want to cover my other elbow or just design around it. What do you guys think about tattooing the elbow? Worth the pain even though the artist can't get detailed on it as it is so sensitive due to it being mainly bone? OR Is it a necessary evil to tie a larger piece together?
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    Hi everyone, I've been a tattoo enthusiast since I can remember. Huge appreciation for the art form and truly respect all the great artists out there. I started getting tattoos when I was 18 and now have both shoulders, one full sleeve and the other is half done. Thinking about what to do for the forearm / elbow. I guess my only regret is that I didn't think about planning when I started and now wish that I had, because whenever I work with an artist we're always trying to figure out how to connect the new piece to the old. Either way, here is my one shoulder that was done about 2 years ago
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